life insurance in a nutshell: insurance for hundreds of crowns and for thousands

When you close the life insurance, they will offer to give you a lot of connections. It is important to determine the lasting consequences of the insurance, instead consider whether you should spend on other diseases.

Kapitlov ivotn pojitn

Combination of binder and joint on st. The insurance that you arrange is also the insurance that you should connect together by the end. Old people will come out much better than young people.

Don’t forget: If you terminate the contract prematurely, you will lose a large pension in the first years.

Connected diseases

If you become ill during one of the listed illnesses, pay the insurance company an agreed insurance policy.

Don’t forget: In the case of full payment, ie when the insurance company pays the insurance premium for the recognized external illness, the additional termination ends.

Riskikov ivotn pojitn

Insurance for secure families in case you die, does not contain savings. It is suitable for family owners and mortgages.

The insurance policy that you arrange is also the insurance that you will receive in the event of your death.

Don’t forget: You can terminate the contract without penalty, you will not receive anything paid for.

Joining the hospital stay

If you are hospitalized in the hospital, you will receive a daily fee stipulated in the contract (100 and 500 crowns). It is often necessary to spill over the hospital stay as such and the hospital stay as a result.

Don’t forget: The insurance companies have different periods for which you must stay in the hospital (2 and 60 days), then pay the pension back.

Attached in case of incapacity for work

Protects in case of loss of income due to incapacity for work due to illness or once. The insurance company pays a pre-agreed daily fee, which is derived from income.

Don’t forget: The payload of the waiting period, that is, the insurance fee is paid and from a certain day of illness (15th, 29th), he had a waiting period, ie cheaper insurance.

Investin ivotn pojitn

Combination of binder and joint. The insurance premium is variable and it is the amount that is paid in case of death. In the event of the end of the contract, the current value is filled in here. The advantage is the possibility of dreaming of the tax base.

Don’t forget: If you terminate the contract prematurely, you will lose a large pension in the first years, Profit is not guaranteed.

Pipojitn invalidity

If you become fully disabled during the insurance, pp. disabled people at once (various connections), the insurance company will either pay the agreed pension no later than the end of the insurance period, or pay a hundred one-off. Termination of the insurance event.

Don’t forget: You are invalid for the insurance company only if you have been granted a disability pension from the state (you must have worked for years).

Death as a result

Due to the fact that the insurance company does not cover the risk of death due to illness, it is the cheapest option for a secure family for young and healthy people.

Don’t forget: It is usually not possible to insure separately, usually in a package with a permanent insured of once and for a day.

He lasted the consequences of the rally

You are involved in the event of a sudden impact, so you will not get anything for a broken and healed leg. It is filled according to the tables and it is always a percentage of the insurance policy. If you insure so-called progressively, the fuse will multiply in the event of very bad damage.

Don’t forget: The payment for the lasting results of the meeting is usually paid after a year and the assessment of the drug.

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