Let a neighbor look for a dog vs me stt i pr million

There are cases when my friend’s help is difficult to penetrate. In the dog, for example, he tempts the neighbor who took him out, and you have to pay. If you have taken out liability for the code, you will definitely have less to worry about.

“Hiring” friends to help you with your muscular, calm and smooth pet is a common phenomenon. But first it was fatal for Charles of Brno.

The light of his dog to his neighbor, he just invited the temporary stump bit and the owner, ie Karel, had to pay. Reimbursement of codes, pain, profit and dream of social application. In the end, it cost him 150 thousand crowns. If the insurance company had agreed on liability for the code, the insurance company would pay the fee.

“The amount could be reimbursed for damaged property, such as upinn and torn oacen, destroyed watch, camera and the like. Sometimes it costs me a few million for the code for health, ”points out Bohumr Vtovec, an expert on insurance.

Pd uklzeky ze tafl vs me stt i milion

See you and other Kamardsk help. If she asks her friend to just drink the windows, she falls and eats her broken leg, you have to pay her, for example, a health code, a profit, a social benefit, etc.

The defense is one: binding responsibility for the code. But you must not pay anything for a promise to a friend. If she received a salary from everyone, she would have to tax her income, so she should have a business license or be employed by a company. These situations would not apply to your insurance.

If she is subject to a trade license or a contract, she or her employer will be responsible for all of them. In such a case, the employer should have agreed liability from the performance of the cleaning profession in case she would cause the code in the apartment.

When a friend for washing windows, for example, gives 500 crowns, it is an activity for a salary and she should be responsible for herself. If his income from ancillary activities exceeds 20 thousand crowns, he must tax his income.

“If you reward a friend for the peace of your house with a goose, you should be responsible for it. Naturlie does not hide like a salary, ”adds Vtovec.

This may happen if you friends pay for peace of mind, have insurance responsibilities and agree on the pain that the pain will come from your insurance. The insurance company, of course, pays, but so I often add the price for insurance. Basically, pay the painter out of your own pocket.

In case you have liability for the code, then the castle insurance company. Insurance costs from 150 crowns to five thousand crowns a year and bad on the scope of insurance coverage.

It is important not to look first at the price of insurance, but at the scope and insurance premiums. “Some insurance companies offer 500 thousand crowns as a deposit, and that’s a small amount. Some risks are not included. The person should carefully study not only the contract, but also in general, or especially the insurance conditions, ”adds Vtovec.

It pays to pay even if you have two of your offspring on your face. The cover also applies to the code provided by your children. You can still be, even if you break something in the supermarket. The insurance liability for the code also covers situations where you accidentally break an expensive bottle of perfume with your handbag.

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