Late retirement can cause problems. Watch as

If you need your pension to arrive at your destination by the deadline, you should know when it will be sent no later than. Just a moment from the bottom can put problems on the floor.

Sometimes it happens that you simply forget to pay something that should have been paid twice. Tax, payments for health and social insurance or you a one-time deposit for building savings at the end of the calendar year. Penle and speculation with the series as well as the loss of the right to state support for the whole of the previous year, these are just some of the finest things that the late instructions to transfer to me will carry. If you do not want to send your pension early and on the contrary, you’d better wait until the last minute, look back at the time.

Set the deadlines for transfers in the country, but also for payments abroad

The so-called payment system agreement is important for all monetary institutions (banks, savings banks, financial and credit institutions). Understandably, it distinguishes whether it is a transfer between institutions in that country or whether it is a transfer of cross-border.

In the case of two institutions in the Czech Republic, then the bank has the obligation to submit all documents to the payee’s bank at the latest on the next banking day after the day of the transfer order. Also, for example, a pension sent on Monday to the beneficiary’s bank no later than ter. The beneficiary’s bank then pipes the pension to his or her party either on the same day, ie on the day or in the middle (according to the letter, the next banking day will end no later than the day when the letter was written to the bank).

If you pay a pension within one bank, the beneficiaries are available on the day when the transfer order took place, or on the next banking day (this is the case if the day of the order’s activity fell on a day off). This should theoretically take place in such a real time.

In the case of cross-border payments, the transferring institution (payer’s bank) is obliged to secure debits in favor of the payee’s bank within five banking days from the date of the transfer order, unless otherwise agreed.

Cashless payment system

= transfer of the payer’s pension to the payee, its payment is reserved only to monetary institutions (banks).
– transfer of pensions within the bank – the bank will make the transfer in its own collection center
– transfer between three different banks – the bank must pay for the transfer of the “interbank lending center” (CERTIS system of the Czech National Bank)

The reality of the answers to the legislation, just sweat with the daily deadline

Each bank, in order to comply with the first regulations, sets its own time, when it simply “closes” the whole day for sending transactions. If you receive your order at the bank within the next hour, it will be processed almost immediately. If you don’t make it, then the day is over.

The situation in this respect is simply the client who uses electronic banking for the transfer. This is because the bank usually informs you immediately about the date.

It is also possible to use the so-called collection box (collection place for payment orders, usually in the form of a mailbox, which serves as an alternative to electronic banking and a personal check box) if the bank offers it at its branches. Usually, these mailboxes are selected at uritch intervals, so you need to pay attention to the timeliness of the bank order.

Overview of the end of the banks, which guarantee the processing of the order on the day of the company

Bank Electronic Pepka Sbrn box
BAWAG Bank 16,00 12,00 x
Citibank 18,00 dle package. x
S 20,00 dle package. 12,00
UNDER 18,00 dle package. dle pob. *
eBanka 23,59 dle package. x
GIVE 17,00 17,00 x
HVB 18,00 12,00 x
KB 20,30 13,00 dle pob. *
PS 18,00 dle pob. ** x
Raiffeisenbank 18,00 15,00 dle pob. *
Volksbank 17,00 15,00 15,00
B 18,00 dle package. x


* only due on the next day at the earliest
** realization of the transfer is extended by 2-3 days

Emergency brake – express payment

If you do not have the real time and I really feel bad about your transfer, only the last option will remain – express (urgent) payments. Express payment is processed preferentially, shortening the transfer time by one day. This is only the case if you manage to enter it in the morning. You will have to pay something for this service (the fee is most often around 200 K).

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