Last benefit: outplacement. How do you remember?

Companies that have failed to cope with pandemic measures are starting to fail. In May alone, 12,104 people drank about the work and went to bed in June. Companies hire hiring agencies to help them with their vacancies.

A few people have encountered this phenomenon on TV, but millions of people have seen it on the screen. You in the American thriller The Day Before the Crisis. A gripping drama from the world of large pensions begins with an interview with the company’s investment analyst and HR: Mr. Dale, we find ourselves in an unusual situation, as you may know. I do not understand vm. Most of the people from this floor were gone today. Eric Dale leaves the office in a minute and only with a box of personal belongings and a non-functioning company mobile phone. It is over, from this moment on, not an employee of the company’s investment, similar to other boards.

Termination of employment by the employer is usually unexpected for the departing worker and catches them unprepared. That’s why there are solid negative reactions such as resistance, non-acceptance, divorce, which can hinder the hunter in any activity, to Jana Vvrov, project manager of personnel agency Grafton Recruitment.

For small companies, the distribution of employment takes place in the owner’s office and management. Usually among those oima. In the company of modern women, which connect more people at once or free up managerial cities, they hire external recruitment agencies to carry out the entire process for outgoing employees. When you say that you work, the account is just coming.

Who gets off the bike?

There is no unambiguous word for the English murder outplacement yet, so we describe it in a great way. Most often as a vacant worker elsewhere. It is highly hopeful that this is the last benefit that the company has for its employees. Although this service is intended for the first time, it is a company that orders it for its departing people.

The organizer of change must be strategically thought through and implemented in time. The management of companies in such a situation will appreciate the view from the outside. In addition to consultations on reorganizations or advice on how to notify employees, outplacement services also include alleged administrative support, to Ondej Wysoglad from Manuvia’s staff.

According to him, such services include the preparation of working documents such as notices, agreements, severance pay, notices for series of jobs and set an agenda for which companies do not have the capacity in the midst of organizational change.

In an ideal case, the outplacement advisor should accompany the hunter from the moment of the report through the search for further employment and the return of a new job. Badly, how much does the existing company want to invest in the service. On the market, offer outplacement agencies for a few thousand thousand, and cut services will fit under ten thousand.

Consulting is always prepared for the company. In practice, outplacement makes me look different. Help the employee find his own strengths, realize what is good, what he enjoys and where he could apply. They will learn to write an attractive CV and prepare for interviews, says Ondej Wysoglad.

The first hunter from the outplacement may be the one who announces the bad one first. Get rid of me and don’t have to share an external advisor. For example, it is often said that redundancies are announced by employees, and only then will the company decide to engage outplacement support. However, it is always important to communicate such a serious first question to Jana Vvrov from Grafton Recruitment as soon as possible in the shortest possible time, and thus to prevent misinformation among employees very quickly.

Back at the first interview, the redundant worker should get maximum information about the conditions of termination of employment. From the time limit and after the severance pay.

Ask pede vemi

Even a process such as the termination of an employment relationship can be conducted as a workshop. The individual outplacement of the company is approached especially in cases where they work with some of them from the management and from other managers. Group outplacements are again often in their job positions or during seasonal fluctuations, explains Ondej Wysoglad from Manuvia.

This usually happens with a lot of sweat. The coincidence is that there may be a range of questions that the consultants answer, so you can establish a relationship with a consultant who will subsequently provide support, explains Jana Vvrov.

Until this moment, the dismissed employees had to submit to the necessary cycle around the end of the work. But you stab the baldness, which is good to take for granted. The organization offers employees retraining courses in the form of potato or language lessons. According to them, they can call on a consultant who will help employees orient themselves in the labor market. Get advice on how to proceed with a new job, how to compile a CV correctly, how to work with social workers or how to behave during a job interview. Some of the companies then offer the profile of a redundant employee working with a cooperative personnel agency, to Magdalna Prunerov, executive director of the MgC Group.

How to proceed dl

No tub is set to flock to new calls immediately. For example, after years spent in one company, it is difficult to orientate oneself on the labor market, but it is very difficult to get confident. It is quite common for an employee to be difficult to name his or her skills and the content of the work he or she has held, because he or she takes full-time work and the necessary skills for granted. It is important to be able to describe and name all this. And flattery is the first individual consultation, notes Jana Vvrov from Grafton Recruitment.

The consultant is available to outgoing employees for the next few weeks as support and as a place to turn to various questions related to orientation and movement in the labor market: I have seen such and such an advertisement that I can imagine under the dark. ?, Offer me a job on a trade license, can I / mm accept it? You can include your advisors with such questions.

Sometimes, on the contrary, the advisor also goes out so that the client does not miss for a long time. The outgoing employee does not seem to be lulled by a relatively long payload and a nice break, forgetting that looking for a new job requires time. Nen did not get used to: I’ll give you a vacation, where I’m going, mm and put it all together in my head, to Jana Vvrov.

In some cases, especially in the case of redundancies, the companies themselves organize so-called job exchanges for their employees, for example by concentrating on one job offer from companies in the area.

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