KVZ: Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is required. Do you know about certificates and exams?

Perhaps in every job vacancy you will find a requirement for knowledge of a foreign language. Mon you spent five years abroad and speak English fluently. Some employers require a certificate. Do you know what the ESOL or ETS test is? And how much do you pay for the language test? Test your knowledge in the day quiz.

And we will continue in English. The sentence you are likely to hear at your interview. It is not a problem for the personnel officer to have difficulty knowing the candidate’s language, and therefore it is not good to build education in this context.

If you are unsure of your knowledge of the language, look around the selected portals, where you will find the possibility of testing and. You can choose the language test according to the exchange of general English, first, business, etc. This trend is also reflected in demand.

More and more often we will meet with the requirement for highly specialized courses such as a degree for the banking sector or an English language for engineering. We register the interest in business names and English, confirms Marie Jelnek from the languages ​​of the Skivnek agency.

If you work on your language skills, then the reward will not only be your workflow, but also your salary. Employers often appreciate knowledge of a second language, such as the language you are interested in from companies in the industrial sectors. According to a survey by Grafton Recruitment staff, knowledge of the German language is only mastered by 8% of applicants. In some cases, the employer will offer you a salary of 15% if you know this language. Attract the advanced knowledge of a foreign language at the level of C1 and C2, which according to the mentioned survey, only 26% of them can be proud of.

Language learning can also take place online, and you can work on your skills in peace at any time. Teaching Skype and other online tools puts more emphasis on speaking and understanding the word you hear. Marie Jelnek adds nothing to a student during a phone call from abroad or during a video conference.

Many employers, especially in managerial and business positions, require (internationally recognized) certificates from job seekers as proof that they actually have a knowledge of a foreign language at the required level. You will be able to prove your knowledge of the language by staying abroad for a long time. In addition, he also gave, especially the so-called soft skills, the ability to solve crisis situations and fulfill.

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