KVZ: Can you find a job and fight the poor? Test yourself

Even with low unemployment, there are a large number of people who are still looking for work in vain. One of the pins is the low supply of workloads in their field. For such job seekers, it is possible to take retraining courses, to which they contribute financially. Do you know the conditions, when and what does the ad contribute to?

Help individuals to acquire new skills and adapt to the demands of the labor market. This is a brief summary of the retraining course. Every person who is registered for a number of jobs as a job seeker invites a holiday to a job. In this case, the State provides financial contributions.

Applicants for employment generally do not know that if a registered unemployed person has the opportunity to receive a contribution and 50 thousand crowns for any retraining, to Nikol Varevov, director of Nicom, which provides retraining courses. All you have to do is write a simple enough question to have the retraining course confirmed by the retraining provider and submit it to the R advisor. He then has 30 days for approval.

ad prace has to fully or wall finance three variants of retraining, those provided by sm (secured retraining), selected retraining or retraining of employees who are endangered by the loss of employment with existing employers, for example due to changes in entrepreneurial activity and the suppression of one’s business activities.

The right to pay for retraining is not automatic, in the wrong way to call a long line of work and candidates, of course, must meet certain requirements. Participate in the approval of the eventual promise of future employers and the time of elaboration of drainage, with which each company supplies retraining courses will take many meetings, add Varevov.

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