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he went to Thailand, in Sri Lanka, in Vietnam, and from there he wrote his Travel Bible. And it didn’t just stay with him. In his book Travel Jobs, the traveler Matou Vin offered him a hundred tips on how to make fun on the road. At the same time, the coronavirus crisis has a long-term future and meaning.

Companies offer employees a longer free conditions. Home office, weekly leave, free time, flexible working hours. This is in order for the people to organize things in their own way. What if someone dreams of complete freedom? Do I work entirely at length?

In recent years, the trend has been the digital nomdem. What does that actually mean?
The connection originally referred to people who did not have a home and took their work with them. I’ll just give them a sweat and a phone. Today, this is the name of all those who combine travel and work for a long time, even if they only go for two or three months a year and otherwise they have a normal home.

The coronavirus crisis has closed the borders, travel is much more complicated. How did it affect it?
I had to return from Berlin in a hurry and cancel two trips abroad only in March and April. In any case, this year I have been planning to last for a while with the discovery of Europe, what I will think will be. Due to the crisis, I spent on my income, in travel-related projects, as well as in workshops and knees. In the X-Challenge project, to which I dedicate most of the time, it seemed a lot black for a while, but in the end we put a lot of energy into moving it all into the online world and I think it is possible. At the same time, it turned out how for freelancers and entrepreneurs it seems that he only depended on one source of income.

Are you now in the Czech Republic?
Yes, and I’m worth it. Even with us, there are a lot of beautiful places to discover and now is the right time.

Do you have contacts with other digital nomds, have you exchanged any experiences, such as a five pandemic?
I am in contact with a few close-up nomads who were affected by the pandemic, in general, especially at the end of the crisis, my mind helped the most (albeit only through a video call) and was reassured. Adam Maran from Naumese.cz asked you how to turn the project, which became a team into offline courses, into a full-fledged platform for webins and thus ensure the income of both the lecturer and the whole darkness of Naumese. At the turn, it looked as dark as a few wheels, but in the end it worked out surprisingly quickly.

I think that in any crisis, the experience of the world will help a lot. On the road we have a lot of unexpected situations and we have to be able to adapt to what has become rich. At the same time, we know that we do not need a lot of material items for a happy life, so a lot of costs can be solved by moving to a very cheap location. Compared to families with a mortgage, car and other bundles, we have to adapt to the situation simply.

In your book Travel Jobs, you present 135 ways to make fun on the go. Which ones are the most frequent?
There are two main groups. Until the first time, people who work in secret and take the car with them. These are most often about programmers, web developers, graphics, marketers, textae and translators. But then there are a lot of people who are looking for a place to go. This is where all the work in the orchards, on the farms and in the vineyards or you au pair.

What are the most bizarre professions you have met in a traveler? M took a private ps chva.
You were very surprised by the hunter, who is a color post-production for an Australian film company. This is one of the activities with the highest demands on computer performance, data transfer and monitor quality. Thanks to the huge advances in technology, however, it is mon. And then she got online vdma. Would it have occurred to anyone that they can live in peace on the Internet?

Whoever works in secret, can the door to the world be open, not the one who even with his hands?
If I do not follow the European Union, I will definitely decide. If he still works for his home company, they will not want to work anywhere. Especially for young people, however, there are many possibilities of so-called Work & Travel, thanks to which you can work in a given country for a year or two and travel to it. And first here the hands are good. In Australia, there was always a great demand for everyone who could do something with their hands. Within the EU, the door is then open to you. Here, too, it is true that gold Czechs have a good reputation and crafts are still valuable.

Do you think that the demand for golden Czech hands will be the same after the end of the pandemic and the border will be released again?
I don’t want to hurt a clairvoyant. Nobody knows much what will happen in a few months, then years. But we know that they are now able and adaptable people and we will find our place in the world again. We have done it many times in history.

Changes covid-19 monsters on the road?
Unfortunately, there is a minimum of limited limitations in the number of working models. The states will first try to ensure the work of their own citizens. The work will be online, but I think on the other hand about it simply. Many companies have not yet been able to work in the long run just because there was a lack of productivity or no set up processes. But now they have been forced to test their online collaboration, and what they have so far shows that reliable and capable employees remain reliable, even when they work outside the office. At the same time, companies will know how to get rid of unnecessary costs, and moving people from the office home will save me a lot of pensions.

How can an employee convince my employer that even full-time work can be done on a long-term basis?
If you don’t have colleagues around you who have shown that it works, it is probably best to show him sm. So far, the home office in the week should not be so nron, but it will be in most companies. It may be time to show that you are out of the office at least as effective as in n. At the same time, it is nice to gradually learn to work in different environments and in a different daily rhythm. He took a step for you to work a week from another Czech city for a reasonable reason. And even if the case goes well, it should not be a problem to go to another state of the European Union for a while. There you can go under anyone’s permission and you can spin quickly. When you change Thailand or Mexico, he will look at everything below like crazy, but you can rationally dispel his fears.

Many companies will lose control of their people.
This is about setting up internal processes in companies. Employees generally hate it when they are constantly behind their walls, as well as a degree of autonomy to make the punches significantly better productivity. In addition, according to the latest OWLLabs report on long-term work, where three thousand respondents from 23 states interviewed, companies that can work outside the office have 25 percent less employee turnover. You just need to be able to communicate in time and catch your problems. Both help small companies to set up suitable projects and process work for long-term work, and the only exception is some fundamental changes. Most of them are fine-tuned details, learning to use suitable tools and realizing in common what is important for all parties in communication.

You can have your company online. Are you an exception? What helps me to run a business efficiently?
We are certainly no exception, according to the changed OWLLabs report, 16 percent of companies operate exclusively on debt. It is a great help and that everyone knows that it is wrong to make mistakes. You just need to know this and find a way to prevent the same mistakes. At the same time, I consider it a key to clearly communicate the values, vision and long-term exchange of the company. Then they can all work very independently.

During the pandemic, thousands of people started working from home. As it turned out, the home office can’t handle what, according to vs skal, such work?
In the first place, according to me, something turned out, before I always warned companies that I helped to work for a long time. If the employee does not have fun and does not work in the office, it will go a lot of mountains at home.

In addition, online communication mercilessly shows all the shortcomings in the company’s management, internal communication, the division of competencies and responsibilities or the background. When meeting in person, a lot of things are more than that between e. Online you need to be much more structured and disciplined. From my experience, such a change can take months for companies that have never worked for a long time, and even years for large companies.

The last, very important thing in the home office, is to be able to keep your work routine and focus. It has to do with the environment at work, the limited level of work, the regular regime and some small ritual for leaving work. You can gradually learn from it, it only takes a while.

Only at home at the pota suddenly a number of people find out that they sit from morning to night.
Yes, a lot of people work when they go to the home office and they can’t break away from work at a given hour, or at least think about it for the rest of the day. It is therefore ideal to have a separate room reserved for work, where you can visit in front of the children and where you can at least symbolically leave your work worries and responsibilities. When it’s not possible, a lot of coworking, or a quiet shared office of friends at home, who also have the room available.

In families where children and both are born at home, it is important to clearly divide the competencies and set aside blocks of time when I have to work at least one day. There was no change between the roles of parent, employee or entrepreneur and the housekeeper could not work. Eight hours a day at work, they both probably don’t have time to rip off, they will always need to look for the least painful one, at least temporarily in the current situation.

Pibv in Czech people who work outside the company and branches of companies?
Definitely Mainly due to the huge shortage of free people in the labor market in recent years, many companies have understood that without working for a long time they do not have much money. Today, few people in the creative and IT professions will move to Zlín to work for you, where the company sdl. And a lot of Zlk probably work for companies from elsewhere, they will hardly want to go to the office of a non-profit company every day. Despite the fact that the company with long-term employees accounts for pensions in the offices. The current situation is to go away with it.

Digital travel is thus associated with the term slow traveling. What can you imagine under this term?
Slow travel is about freedom, mindset and life without haste and stress. Stop for a moment and you will get some small details around you. Leave the city where you are, put out your pbh. Catching me often means more. And for long-term travel, it pays twice as much. Suddenly, it is not a matter of seeing as many memories or attractions as possible in the shortest possible time, but mainly of a deep understanding of the local culture and the establishment of new friendships.

Will a hunter abroad find enough motivation to work at all? When did you live on the beach?
If you are looking for her at home, it will be t v abroad. According to research by the Flexjobs portal, productivity increased by 66 percent of people working outside the office. I am an example of this: abroad, the waste is tempted to work on my friends. On the road I have my clear routine, I organize my time for bikes and time for discovery. Help me even knowing that without work there will be no pension, so he didn’t even give travel.

Which tools help with work from abroad the most in m?
First of all, it depends on high-quality and reliable cover. In my opinion, the main calendar, the Basecamp application for zen tm, FaceTime and Google Meet for free and all the software I need for work itself help me. At the same time, do not allow active noise-canceled headphones on the floor.

Do you consider working on a long-term basis only as an current issue, or as a trend for the future? How do you see it from the perspective of the coronavirus crisis?
If nothing fundamentally changes in the current exchange of labor market and technology, I see long work as a trend that will go a long way. Not so much because people want to work hard from somewhere on the other side of the world. However, I dare say that most people, especially with their families, prefer to live in a house in a small town, as long as they receive the same pensions as if they were working in the metropolis. According to OWLLabs statistics, before the pandemic, 52 percent of employees worldwide worked at least once a week from home. And in this trend, Europe has caught up with America, where it has been the highest in the long run.

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