Kvli nesplcenm hypotkm se ovog ek nejvc draeb za pt let

The number of involuntary public auctions in the Czech Republic is growing. Due to unfulfilled mortgages and consumer goods, hundreds of people will come in riots over the heads this year.

This year, national statistics will record the largest number of public auctions since 2006. From the beginning of the year to the end of August, 2,311 auctions took place in the Czech Republic, of which 499 were involuntary, while for the same period they were more than 1,750, of which 450 involuntary.

According to experts from the company Naxos, which has long been the largest auctioneer in the country, the number of auctions by the end of the year will reach t thousand. “Nrst is really drastic,” said Libor Nevmal of Naxos.

Poet nedobrovolnch draeb roste

The point is the growing number of so-called involuntary drabys. They include real estate people who got into the pot with the fulfillment of mortgages and consumer loans. “Last year, we estimated that the number of involuntary drains seletospibl tiscovce. Let us assume that this estimate is fulfilled, ”adds Nevmal.

On this year’s total number of auctions, Lesy R has a strong base, which this year, through the auctions, it is monetizing hundreds of its smaller properties.

The rest of this year will traditionally be significantly stronger than other cities. According to Nevmal, real estate will not be auctioned for hundreds of millions, it will be more about auctions in millions.

For example, Naxos is preparing a drabozshlho logistics and industrial complex in Prague Vysoany and the complex of the former Montas Hradec Krlov.

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