Kvli krizi si ei vce zaali pojiovat ivot a zdrav

There is still a crisis and people start to be careful. Buy fuses, but only the cheaper ones. The city of these expensive investments is interested in insurance risks – the associated consequence of disease, illness and daytime.

It is said among the binders that they are also property: they have highly connected houses, but not life insurance. Due to the crisis, however, this situation changes, the ratio of property insurance and life, according to the Czech Association, the insurance industry is leveling off.

“While non-life insurance grew by only 0.6 percent last year, life insurance grew by 5.1 percent in written premiums,” said Jolana Ackermann of the Czech Insurance Association.

The people are afraid of what would happen to them if they could not go to work and dig for you. Or what would happen to their family if they died on their own. Therefore, take care of everything. Don’t want a lot of insurance tracks, they’re afraid they won’t be able to pay them.

The risk is preferred when connected, so with certainty

“Clients are now more concerned about whether the insurance company covers life risks, which is a recent recent trend,” said Vclav Blek of the Czech Insurance Company.

In addition to the fact that the sale of insurance policies is growing, so is the amount for which the people conclude contracts. “For example, the average insurance premium for Aviva Vision in the first quarter of 2010 exceeded 1.1 million crowns,” said Milan Star of Aviva.

In addition, many more than two people are interested in connectivity, especially the permanent consequences of once or called diseases.

While before the economic crisis, people took out life insurance mainly to simply look to the future, last year they moved away from “savings” (capital and investment) insurance. And if they locked them up, they were mainly interested in not drinking for their pensions.

The interest was mainly about guaranteed income or secured investment programs, ie the traditional capital of insurance. On the other hand, a number of clients took advantage of the stock market recovery in 2009 and invested in dynamic funds through insurance policies. This is confirmed by Marek Zeman from Axa pojiovny.

Losk assessed the dispute over life insurance policies, which reached about five percent. Even with this information, you need to be careful: as with traditional investments, the results are not a guarantee of profit, moreover, the amount that the client pays for the insurance salary is not valued, the pension goes first to cover the risk.

Insurance companies respond to changes in demand

Clients demand a universal insurance company that can provide them with insurance protection at any time of their life, insurance for one contract not only for them, but also for the whole family. Examples are Diamant from esk pojiovny, Perspektiva from Kooperativa and Forte from SOB Pojiovny. The insurance companies responded to the demand for security with an offer of insurance with a guaranteed return.

“The insurance company is trying to offer as many additional connections as possible. For example, the body is damaged by a full form of daily health or external diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and deafness, ”adds Filip Krl from Kooperativa. Such insurance is a throw-in for those who have listed illnesses in families.

Please note that the insurance companies are relatively strict and the disease is described in detail in the insurance conditions. It can be, for example, cancer, but not in any type, for example, cancer is excluded. Not entirely new, but the recent trend is also risk insurance, for which you will receive a refund of the insurance premium in the event that there is no insurance benefit (offered by Generali or Amcico, for example). It’s actually a reward for being a trouble-free client.

There is also an offer of products with insolvency coverage (eg Uniqa). For example, if you become fully disabled during the term of the insurance, you will not pay anything, the contract will remain.

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