Kupnov knka: where your profits are lost

Mr. Ivan recently evaluated his family’s investment in purchase books. Although neither he nor his wife are professional brokers, and during the collection and sale they were shared only by common sense and intuition, the income from their purchase books is almost 59 thousand crowns.

From the sales, which include so much, their income represents almost 54 thousand, income from dividends then another approximately 5 thousand. As Mr. Ivan k may say, he pays only attention to these activities that he requires (both the company’s follow-up fate, the payment of dividends, the conversion of book-entry shares of the company into a deed, etc.). In addition, currently own shares worth more than seven thousand crowns.

Not all buyers of the investment bag are satisfied and many people are literally robbed of the purchase of privatization. All the critical voices were overwhelmed by the fervor, supported by a massive advertising campaign in the second wave, and the investment funds promised unreal profits practically without having to move a finger. Investin funds thus functioned as a starter for people buying for privatization, but on the other hand they meant disaster. The first investment funds contributed the most to the tunnel and looting, which led to codes and up to around 50 billion crowns.

Do you actually own an MSc?

This is confirmed by the case of Mr. Stanislav, who does not even know where his purchase book is located. He is sure that he has invested appropriately, but the day confirmed about where his book is, or where the investment was bought, no. And although it will be a surprise for some, there are currently many investors, owners of purchase books, who practically still do not know where they invested and how much money the purchase book actually brought them (according to NB statistics completed the purchase of privatization still go 10% of the people.).

Many of them do not even know, because today the majority owners of the company (owning at least 90% of all shares) had the opportunity to sell the shares and buy their shares without their consent. The owners of the purchase book thus learn about their investment, or its value, and in the event that their shares were sold to the majority shareholder (often under quite inappropriate conditions). At the behest of some citizens, fraudsters, who offer the possibility of buying an action to ignorant and comfortable investors, will often offer them a price that is well below the actual market price, for which the investor could normally sell it.

Another group are those who have tried to save their pensions as appropriately as possible without the help of investment funds, but the companies themselves with their non-transparent information policy, milling, converting to paper shares, or simply liquidation have ceased their activities and investors consider their investments lost. Often, the companies themselves bought the shares according to the individual owners, with the fact that the pension consent to the sale.

Unfortunately, investors such as Mr. Stanislav may say goodbye to the pension from the privatization purchase. By handing over the book, it was probably for her to sell (if they read the contract first, they would probably find it there) and the pensions are non-refundable.

Not in all cases, however, it must be so ern. Anyone who has invested without submitting their book and signing something they don’t understand should have at least one entry from the Center for Valuables (SCP) at home. On the basis of this entry (together with proof of identity), each owner can find out the current status of his investment at the SCP or RM-System branch.

At what events was it possible to spend the most?

The purchase book itself is left over and without an entry, and it is worthless here. It is possible to submit an current entry from here (or the last one you received), but post it the oldest, for example from 1993. led. The problem may be the case when the company, when changing securities, invited the investor to take them and he did not pick them up in the given term. In that case, the company could declare them invalid and issue new shares.

Therefore, if we find out that we actually own some securities in book form and are kept in SCP, it is necessary to find out their price in case we want to sell them. If the companies are on the stock exchange or on the RM-System, it should not be a problem, depending on the liquidity, to find out their market price and sell them through a stockbroker or brokerage company (on the stock exchange) or directly on the RM-System. If you find out that you own such actions, it is very likely that their current value will be a pleasant surprise. In the last few years, many stocks traded on the stock exchange and the RM-System have significantly strengthened and brought significant holdings to their owners.

A good first thing for many investors is that more than a year and a half ago, a free market was opened within the RM-System, on which the company’s shares are traded, which in the past were withdrawn from the market. Their foaming is so much easier. Issuers on the open market do not have to meet the strict conditions as in the official markets, and their number may increase over time.

If the shares are not traded on regulated markets, current prices and sales will be a bit more difficult (zero liquidity, not interested on the part of the investor), but you do not have to give up. If the company itself has not announced a public buyout of the event (this is the easiest way, but to rely on it, because it does not have to happen at all), it is possible to contact a brokerage firm, which can help me in arranging sales at a reasonable price. It is possible to submit an advertisement in some financial periodical, to which a potential recipient or owner of the event may respond.

If the company has been liquidated, the owner of the action is entitled to a liquidated balance and the liquidator should contact the shareholder (book-entry CP), or the shareholder must apply for the liquidated balance. In the event of bankruptcy, the owners of the event can practically part with the pension, because the priority in the equitable owner and after their payment, as a rule, the property will not remain in the company.

Many investors have invested in an investment fund. These bags, together with closed-end funds, were changed to open-ended funds. You can easily find out the price of catch sheets on the Internet or in periodicals. They can be sold simply by the investment of the company, which manages the fund and is obliged to buy the share certificates for the current market price.

However, a large number of funds were canceled over time, they could be merged with other funds, or bankruptcy was imposed on them. All these changes should be notified to the owner. However, if you have a problem finding out about the fund’s unit certificates, which you own, you can contact the NB’s Capital Market Regulation and Supervision Section (formerly the Securities Commission). You will need to know the exact name of the fund or issuer, or the identified securities (ISIN).

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