Konto Genius Active od GE Money Bank

Last week, GE Money Bank introduced new products to the public, the aim of which is to improve the banking market. One of them is the Genius Active Account, for non-business individuals.

This package of services for a fee of 119 K msn includes unlimited withdrawals from GE Money Bank ATMs in R, sending a monthly deposit, all outgoing payments, electronically entered outgoing payments, 2 embossed payment cards, a payment card for payments via the Internet, back and standing orders. collection including SIPO, all banks offered pmho banking services, management and maintenance of overdrafts, calculation, 50 free SMS messages and also each month 1 deposit at the cash register.

For 169 K (Genius Aktive + Account), the client will receive, in addition to the above, the cancellation of the standing order and its change at the business location, one withdrawal in the month at the cashier and the first payment order in the month at the branch.


+ transparency (single monthly fee for basic banking services)

+ account in paula contains all bn banking services

+ for an active client, the price of 119, resp. 169 K (in the variant born by gave transactions on pepce, if you prefer them)


– if the client does not offer the bank really active services, then the price of a deposit account is high compared to the competition

– if you want to have an account with the offer of branch services, you can limit the furnace only to a limited number of branches

– the bank does not consider payments as a basic service abroad, therefore the flat fee does not include them free of charge (as with most competitors)

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