Komern banka od stedy umon zmnu PINu

Clients of Komern banka will be given from August 1 this year, who can freely change their PIN card via an ATM. Esk spoitelna was the first such option to be offered by the holder of payment cards in the following year.

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The PIN can be edited in any Komern banka ATM, of which there are 653 in the whole country. for marketing Komern Bank. If the whole process takes place in the horseshoe, the ATM will print a proof of change to the payment card holder.

The change is recorded online. Therefore, once you make the change and withdraw cash at the same ATM, you will need to enter a new PIN. You can edit the PIN according to your ideas several times a day, you just have to ask for a fee of 50 crowns per transaction.

“Let’s see that the ability to change the PIN for the cards brings so-called security. A number of clients can go today by PIN to the cards for various wallets, or even to the card itself. In the event of the loss or theft of a wallet, I have a rogue and easy way to access the client’s funds before blocking the card, ”added Monika Truchlikov, Komern banka’s head of marketing for retail banking.

The novelty will surely find its fans, always change the PIN for the esk spoitelny ATM. The service is relatively expensive, especially in comparison with other services performed in ATMs. The bank is deducting the cost, which brings with it a new promise pin.

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