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Investing in the future and career, the possibility of painlessly improving in a foreign language and becoming independent are the main reasons for sending children into the world. Here are the experiences of several young people who have traveled abroad with the YFU.

Every year, twenty and thirty young people between the ages of 15 and 18 are represented by the YFU. This year you are leaving for ron 28 students. They will live with the host families, who do not receive a fee for their hot days, and will visit the nearest rounds. The biggest interest is about staying in the United States, followed by Germany and Switzerland. I will go to Norway, Chile, Argentina and Thailand.

We emphasize that the most important thing is the experience of meeting strangers, learning with them, getting new friends. And in the second city he has mastered the language, to Martin Langpaul, a Czech branch of the YFU.

Mm kids, I sent them all to the experienced. They left and at the age of 17, it drank the best for me, remarks Barbora John, a Czech who also goes in Czech.

Foreign students also go to the Czech Republic. I am here, for example, from Zerbjdn, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, but also from Canada, Germany and Australia. They also lived in host families and went to the esk gymnasium. Like, for example, eka in Norway.

In the USA, Australia and France, students have to prove that they can speak the language of the country. In Thailand, Norway and other countries, you don’t even have to deal with it. Even if students master the language, they are often okay. Speak local slang, use call assassins, speak fast, Martin Langpaul completes.

Sending children with YFU abroad is not a cheap affair. The price of the ronho program ranges from 150 to 180 thousand crowns. For example, the USA costs 11 thousand dollars (roughly 231 thousand crowns), Germany 145 thousand crowns, Switzerland 164 thousand. The price includes transport, insurance, families, bicycles. Pocket money is not included in the price, for example, if necessary in the bike.

The students are cared for by a volunteer family, who keep it honorless. Provide students with hostel and food. often there are ijc families in the village, outside the main metropolis. Life is calmer there and they take it as a varied family life, adds Martin Langpaul. And what about this experience for young people?

vcarskoMartin Langpaul

I love Switzerland and I will always have a special relationship with him, to Martin Langpaul, who went to this alpine country for a year at the age of seventeen.

Martin Langpaul z

he was in Belp, near Bern, where he rode a bicycle. To this day, I have an excellent relationship with my family: he was not missing at the wedding of all his siblings, nor at the log family.

They paid me a very expensive piano course there. When I found out how much it cost, it was ok, okv.

This experience also helped him get a job in the future. The original Czech branch of YFU, which covered Czech Republic and Slovakia, ceased to exist in 2002. In 2005, a group of several former students from the Czech Republic came together and established a new non-profit branch of YFU. I have fun with people, since the arrest I have had the idea to restore YFU in the Czech Republic, notes Martin Langpaul.


He left for an exchange stay with conflicting feelings and collective knowledge of the name. The bag fell into it when the teacher challenged him before the whole week, and he introduced himself. He realized that he didn’t have to be ashamed, that no one was laughing at him, and then he was clinging.

And what did his stay in Hungary give him? I learned German, gained the ability to see things from different perspectives, oima someone else, k.

ChileLaura Johnov

In Chile, in the small town of La Laja, eight hours by bus south of Santiago, 18-year-old Laura John spent a year.

Laura John (in kind

She only knew the basins, she completed a tmsn course in Prague. I was able to say hello, introduce myself and ask how someone was drinking. She drank there in January, during the local holidays, but she spoke in a panic way and after getting on the bike.

Chileans are miles and open. The normal purchase of bread took five hours. The saleswoman asked how I was doing, how it went in the bike, etc. With only 180 centimeters, she was honored there as a giant.

Kulturn ok started when she spun back into the Czech Republic. In Chile, I’m used to people cheering on TV or hugging. Only the word hello is used in Czech.

There was no time left. She met new people, learned the language, got used to her family and new culture. The bag arrived full on birthdays and nights.

Laura John with her family from Chile.

Staying in Chile gave him new friends, a new family, a new language and a new culture. During that year, I overcame my inner borders, left my comfortably acquaintance, and knew myself. I am independent, open and have a different view of the world. I grew up, got to know a new culture and made friends for life, not only in the host country, but also in the whole world, to name a few.

In addition, it is an investment. Laura first completed the DELE C2 Certificate in the highest level, and only after a year of learning this language. It is a huge experience that can help you with your work. They accept someone who has spent a year abroad, not someone who has spent their entire lives in the Czech Republic.

USALenka Kavalov

The best destinations are the United States, where Lenka Kavalov from Prague visited 14 years ago. She visited Stedozpad, in the Great Lakes region.

Lenka Kaval

She spent the same year on a middle bike in Wisconsin, not far from the capital Madison. I learned English from the wheel of the sun, but I had to get used to the local dialect, remember. And also on the nomenclature in individual subjects. The biggest problem was biology, where they dissected sharks in class and recorded a 200-page script at home. After two mscch I got used to it, I started to grind in English and it went by itself.

she lived in families where burgers were never eaten and people went to church every Sunday. In the round, she could choose subjects such as film or photography and did not know anyone who was not just a member of sports darkness. Basketball matches and concerts were held in the club.

Lenka Kaval

The worst thing for Lenka was the end of her stay, when she realized that she was alone at the other end of the globe and would stay here for a year. At that time, the Internet was not born, Skypeani Facebook did not exist and the dollar was worth 40 crowns. Letters were sent, calls were made once per MSC.

I became very independent and met a lot of new people. In the USA, a kind of home where he can go at any time, add. She used her language skills while studying at university, she also studied foreign languages ​​with an economic exchange. My professional career followed from this, later I went to work as a translator at the European institutions in Brussels. From the acquired experience erpm constantly, add.

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