It wasn’t here to go. Finann compensates even for non-participants in accidents

Nov obansk zkonk pin pevratnou novinku v odkodnn. First on nhradu for psychick ok bude mt nov and nahodil svdek netst.

Imagine the situation: Tk traffic accident. A fully loaded car did not give way to a small car. Behind the wheel, a person is killed and an injured passenger is injured. Although nothing happened to the crew of the crew, the track, who was sitting in the back seat, I had a problem with the problem, a manifestation of his depression and a lot of panic caused by the extreme fear of death in the car. From the beginning of this year, he should also be entitled to compensation.

Zavd se nov pojem: sekundrn ob

“According to the paragraphs that the new civilian law will end, even this clown will only be able to obtain compensation for a psychological name if he treats the name of the idiot and co-driver as a personal net. Such an indirect sacrifice of a second, ie derived sacrifice, ”explains Petr Ustek from the Department of Civil Law of the First Faculty of Charles University and adds that according to the new civil law, a secondary person may not be a relative or a person close to an accident.

Thus, the wide right to compensation for non-property (psychic) ​​property is a novelty, it was not in old age. The culmination of the new civic end was inspired by the first breaths and judicature of the Anglo-Saxon countries, but both in Germany and Austria.

Now the salary that one year for one-time compensation for killing, and that goes only to the limit of 240 thousand crowns, has only a limited group of people, literally set in the law (husband / wife, children, parents, siblings and persons close to killing in the common household at the time of the event). These are now only people with a strange emotional and family bond with the deceased, and these people did not have to be present.

A classic case of secondary casualties is the witness and accident of a traffic accident, which results in serious injuries and the death of other participants. Secondly, the person does not have to know that he is so shaken by the darkness that he will notice it mentally. “Whenever you see a car accident, you will see the earth, it is so secondary, it is a so-called reflection,” adds the first.

What can we imagine under the name? “For example, mental embarrassment, nervous eyes, a feeling of personal net, possibly a mental shock, which can affect the life of a secondary victim,” says Petr ustek.

Pklad:The woman in the passenger seat was a witness to a car accident when the driver drove in the car in which she was driving. It happens to me that due to the shock, the woman will never want to give the car, and in general, this will lead to problems with travel to work and the provision of everyday needs.

you will have to prove the traps

The witness of the accident (secondary) will have to prove that the non-property property (trauma, fear, insomnia) is perceived as a personal net that cannot be otherwise undone. “Such a name will then be proved in court by the testimony of the injured party, by expert opinions or testimonies of testimonies and other witnesses,” adds the first.

The code will depend on the court of the court, which would follow its established rule of justice. “No day limits or tables have been set, the court will assess each specific situation individually,” Petr Petrek said, adding that only the practice will show how the individual judges will work.

And how does a hunter know in his life that he became a secondary victim? According to Petr Ustka, the matter is subjective. The possibility to apply for compensation should be provided to the cadmium, who will perceive the event as an impact on his personality of the sphere. And if I make a secondary concoction and the court evaluates it as untrue, it will not provide the day compensation.

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