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The bottom is usually pre-replaced. There is a bag of exceptions. These include Adam Ronek, co-owner of the esk mdn characters of the Styx underwear. It’s an esk in all directions. Everything from the arrest to the end of the origin originates in the country. Recent weeks have shown that this strategy is right.

The Czech underwear emblem Styx was founded in 1996. It was founded by the then partners, but mainly by the best friends Adam Skora and Petr Vlask. They started the company for 23 years, but then decided to sell it. The owner of the portal, Adam Ronek and Ruslan Skopal, thus entered the game. The emblem was completely taken over at the turn of 2018 and 2019, ie including warehouses, employees, stores and around it. And they also found themselves in the philosophy of the original founders, who helped them.

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