It started from scratch, today I have my own cosmetic sign. It cost her millions

Only recently has she beaten the dot and I can use my own cosmetic mark. Klra Rott bet on the same ingredients and seemed to have made time. As she herself, the path was not easy, natst at the time it started, the competition in this area was not as great as today. She also has the problem caused by the coronavirus pandemic and what will happen.

You started a business on a high bike. How did it occur, what did it lead to?
Yes, I started a business on a high bike. The idea of ​​always being timely and financially independent has always been silent. I didn’t mind taking the risk and I was planning to build something. I don’t think it’s always just about getting a pension, but also about the joy that pinet makes me. I feel that people often do not realize that it is a job where it lasts the most hours, it should even have fun.

You started giving a live counselor then. For that?
After my dad got sick, I was paying something good for people. And so I opened a branch of live counseling. I myself do not have the necessary qualifications for that, but I hired a graduate expert.

Were the arrests tk?
At the arrest, it was important to create a functional darkness. Find a graduate living consultant, set up internal processes and give them my vision of a functioning company. I had to find such suitable premises for that. I remember trying to minimize the initial investment, because I only had a building compound, which I received for my eighteenth birthday from my parents.

There was no left at one branch, but you left the company. For?
I did business in the field for several years and then I sold all my branches with all the country and staff to one recipient. It was very fast, the whole process was carried out in a few months.

A dvod?
I started to devote myself fully to the sale of cosmetics, for which it has always been the most important. On my own character, however, it was necessary to mature and have some kind of pension to arrest, so I had to take a little detour.

What led to cosmetics?
About more than one at a time. My father died and after three tragic events my skin burned. Kon lkai constantly prescribed me various products, but they didn’t work much. So I became more interested in their elephants and found that they were full of chemicals that didn’t do much good for their skin. So I fell in love with cosmetics.

But the truth is, euv puberty, I still told what someone is feeding on, how to take a skin mask and the like. I just always liked it. (smch)

There is a lot of competition in cosmetics, especially sales. Weren’t you j?
You and yes. And I think that the market has shifted a lot in this case and is also much better than two. About seven years ago, when I started researching and developing my cosmetics store, there was almost no competition here.

Did you have your own research?
When I started to dive into the issue of cosmetics sales, I found out that it simply cannot work without real experts. I knew that without them I would not have created anything special, but just gave cosmetics that will be marketable, but not fully functional. At the arrest, I visited several universities and research institutes in the Czech Republic and tried to find the right people who have added value for our cosmetics. After that, the knowledge and recommended cooperation has grown abroad. The production itself was preceded by many years of research and development.

Is your cosmetics different from others?
Urit yes. We make sales of skin care products in organic quality and otherwise not everyone else. As the only one in the Czech Republic, we can make organic water flowers or hydrates and all organic herbal extracts. Do not add water to cosmetics, do not use preservatives. We have developed our own self-preserving system composed only of herbal extracts and lactobacilli, which keeps fresh products for at least one year. We have such a unique two-component srum, which we have dueten oeten. I take it for granted that we have all raw materials in organic quality and support fair trade.

Others are also the packaging of your products.
I put a lot of money on the packaging for several reasons. The first was to protect the product itself from external influences, the second was to try to protect the environment as little as possible. Last but not least, the design itself is important to me. I also chose a fully recycled opaque glass container made of opel glass.

All this is certainly not a cheap matter. Can you tell me how much the initial investment cost?
You’re right. The initial investment is in the breath of many millions of crowns. There were disputes in the evening and we had to sell the family property. If you want to have your production, you have to enter a complex of everything from production facilities, production technology, logistics equipment, input materials, packaging materials and personnel. The most important thing, however, was to obtain all legislative permits complying with the strict European directives and regulations. It was not easy to convince the family, I needed their support. But mm tst, in me. (smch)

Where do you get raw materials for your products?
We take the raw materials that we put into cosmetics from all over the world. To be specific, rooibos, for example, comes from South Africa, argan and prickly pear oil from Morocco. We then buy from suppliers from Switzerland and Germany, where the quality of the supplied raw materials turned out to be much better than in our country. Bohuel is not like bio.

You have also chosen a name for your products. Can you betray them?
Thus, for example, the bicomponent concentrated srum got the name Harmonie, the bicomponent nourishing mask is called Reborn, the washing oils are found by clients under the label Lightness, the remover of the media is called Nha, the balancing herbal tonic was labeled Calm. Other names are jet Touch, Velvet and Svest.

Are you a new mother, how to manage the role of mother and businesswoman?
Upmn, it’s t 잚, I didn’t think so. Combining a developing company and a family is not easy at all. Natst mm bjenho mue, who will help me.

m in my life, how are you full in the future?
I am very happy that the sun rises after every storm and that it will be so even in the case of the currently difficult situation in our country and in the world. They are clear about the company. Penetration of other markets abroad and especially never compromise on the quality that our products pin.

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