It is still important to have a bezon equivalent

From the beginning of April, SOB and Potovn spoitelna will be among a group of banks that hold credit cards for two and 55 days without a year to repay the debt. It won’t be free. At the same time, increase the annual rate for those who do not have time to pay the total debt in the immediate period.

For classic credit cards, 55 days is the longest period. Only banks that, in cooperation with external partners, also issue so-called cobrand credit cards, also offer a long-term period.

For example, a client of Komern banka, the holder of a T-Mobile Bonus card credit, has a fixed period set for 76 days. Similarly, Raiffeisenbank’s clients have the option of repaying the debt without a year and within 55 days for selected cobrand cards. Among banks with the longest uninterrupted period, you can also go to mBank, a client without a year can pay within 54 days.

On the other board with the shortest equivalent period of 40 days, esk spoitelna with its Smart Card with one optional service.

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Ron’s rate is around 15, but also 26 percent

Although SOB and Potovn spoitelna have been improving their clients for an extended period, on the other hand, those who do not pay your installments will raise the annual rate from 1 April.

Initially, the one-year annual rate for credit cards should be up to 31 March by the same 19.20 percent. From the following month, the SOB bag will raise it to 19.90 percent and Potovn spoitelna to 20.90 percent.

The vast majority of banks give him credit cards set differently in different years. These depend mainly on the type of card, in mBank, for example, on the fee for keeping the card.

At the lowest rate of 14.80 percent, mBank clients can pay a fee of CZK 590 for a credit card. Home Credit is on the main market with an annual rate of 26.28 percent.

Ron years rate for credit cards
Bank In years rates
Citibank 22,80 – 29,99 % (1)
esk spoitelna 18,70 –  23,88 % (2)
UNDER 19,90 % (3)
GE Money Bank 21,48 – 23,88 % (4)
Komern bank 19,90 – 21,90 % (4)
LBBW Bank 18,48 %
mBank 14,80 – 23,80 % (5)
Potovn spoitelna 20,90 % (6)
Raiffeisenbank 17 – 25,08 % (4)
UniCredit Bank 15,96 – 23,40 % (4)
Volksbank 19,10 %
Cetelem 22,68 %
Home Credit 26,28 % (7)
Source: financial companies
Note: (1) by card type, 29.99% for cash withdrawal; (2) by type of service, 23.88% for cash vbr, (3) salary rate from 1 April 2011, to 31.3. is 19.20%; (4) by card type; (5) according to the fee card fee; (6) salary rate from 1 April 2011, to 31.3. is 19.20%; (7) rate of 11.88% for exhausted sewer over 30 thousand crowns

If you use a credit card to withdraw cash, prepare for the next year, not in the case of non-cash payments at merchants. For example, Citibank will have a debt ratio of 29.9 percent, while 2.49 percent of the current debt will be around.

Free services: extended check and emergency assistance

In addition to the ability to borrow for a period of no year, banks offer credit card owners free of charge and various benefits. In addition to standard services, such as card blocking, changes to credit limits and the issuance of additional credit cards, clients have goods purchased with credit cards that are safe against damage and damage. SOB clients, esk spoitelny for Chytr karty, and Komern banka for the new Lady karta product, for example, will meet this benefit.

Interesting bonuses include the extension of the standard two-year cancellation by one year for goods purchased via credit card. This option can be used by the creditors of SOB and Komern banka, as well as by Cetel.

GE Money Bank dritelm credit cards Money Card Gold provides free assistance services in the field of Home Assistance and Lifestyle Assistance. “Home Assistance is a program that offers immediate help in the event of an accident in an apartment. Lifestyle Assistance is a kind of pocket assistant who orders free telephone services for the client, such as flowers for a wife or a restaurant for dinner, etc., ”explains Hana Miencilov from GE Money Bank.

Credit card holders at many banks use various bonus programs, which, according to them, charge them various points. They can then exchange them for goods and discounts. The owner of some types of credit cards, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank or Cetelem, can meet this.

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