It is now possible to merge family books and catch prints

The service of a few loans into one works for more than five years and has been running for thousands of years. It is now possible to merge bundles and only households. The family will also spend thousands of crowns on smart mergers.

GE Money Bank introduced a novelty in the consolidation of loans for families. According to Radek Enka, consumer manager at GE Money Bank, this innovation was issued by the clients themselves, who became interested in whether it would be possible.

“In one, the volumes and the co-applicant can be merged. We consider a member of the family not only a husband, but also a friend, a registered partner, a brother, a sister, children and children, ”explains the woman.

However, the heat is limited to 600 thousand crowns and from 200 thousand it is necessary to have a co-applicant. The payment period can be divided into 96 months and a new consolidated loan can be repaid early at any time, in full or in walls. And up to 600 thousand crowns, the family can consolidate consumer loans, credit cards, overdrafts and loans from installment non-banking companies.

The consolidator pti zvazk uet two 144 thousand crowns

By merging several volumes into one, you can pay attention to the fees for the management of individual incl. A new loan with a suitable roenm, then I have a lot of disputes. The bank will process the offer of suitable money on the first time when the bank gets acquainted with basic information about the consolidation.

The example is Jan and Lenka, while they meet their bundles whenever and their foreign expenses in installments reach 7,321 crowns. If they continued to do so, they would pay a total of no more than 374 thousand crowns for 247 thousand crowns.

Jan (30 years old, I am receiving 20,888 crowns) lives with his girlfriend Lenka (26 years old, I am receiving 15,400 crowns). Together they bought an old apartment and gradually bought 247 thousand crowns for its reconstruction and equipment.

How to prod vol volume splcench special (in K)
Individual vry Poet spltek Msn lagoon years rate To consolidate Total castle *
Bankovn vr (Jan) 120 000 84 2 213 13,38 % 83 000 192 084
Zbo na spltky (Jan) 27 000 24 1 388 21 % 25 000 33 336
Overdraft (Jan) 20 000 nen (24) 1 007 18,9 % 20 000 24 652
Bankovn vr (Lenka) 50 000 72 1 110 16,9 % 33 000 85 354
Credit card (Lenka) 30 000 nen (24) 1 603 25,08 % 30 000 39 057
Total 247 000 7 321 191 000 374 483
Zdroj: propoet konkrtnho ppadu, GE Money Bank; Poznmka: * vetn poplatk

The partner couple tried to consolidate the remaining bonds for 191 thousand crowns and the bank proposed a prominent dispute. Ms. installment remained the same, a suitable year of the new year, the bag can repay the bundle of much two and pay the total thousands of crowns to me.

How to prodro consolidation of five volumes into one vru (in K)
And hit Poet spltek Nov msn spltka years rate Total castle *
Consolidate bake 191 000 30 7 482 12,9 % 230 367
Zdroj: propoet konkrtnho ppadu, GE Money Bank; Poznmka: * vetn poplatku 69 korun msn


  • If you are considering consolidating your volumes, make a list of them.
  • You invite what kind of payment you are able to “tighten” so that it does not get stuck in the family budget.
  • Loan consolidation is enabled by a number of banking houses, their offers may vary.

  • Always find out in advance how vry can wash the banks and how not.
  • It pays to contact at least two banks and compare their proposed one.

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