It is not possible to take pictures of znm without their consent. He gave the news of the civic council

They will be able to do business at the age of eight, so it will not be possible to deprive anyone of their primacy. The first answers Dana Prudkov, Veronika Ryvkov and Frantiek Korbel, who participated in the preparations for the new civic end, answer the questions.

The appearance of a hunter can be recorded only with his consent. Does that mean I can’t take pictures of my friends or have their consent?
Photographs of a specific person can only be submitted with his permission. But there are some exceptions, the so-called expiration of the license, when the consent replaces the expiration. This is the case for cases of first, artistic, scientific or news and new for cases of public appearance of a person in the matter of public interest (for example, one municipal council) or for the protection of their own first (for example, the signing of a public contract).

The new will first be limited to certain activities. What happens to those who are completely deprived of their ability to act first?
The original civil law actually made it possible to deprive the hunter of his eligibility for the first finances (new primordiality) completely, which has not been possible since January. Persons who are now thus deprived of their eligibility will have to be re-decided, no later than within three years, by a court and specifically to define to which the first ones are restricted and to whom they are not.
Restricting the hunter in the first place will be limited to a limited time, for the next three years, after which it will be necessary to examine the reasons for the restriction. If the court does not rule in this period, the first action will be restricted and the hunter will become fully first.

What if dt zsk two firstness and then asshole. Will rode ruin his debts?
No. If the court pays for the first, the child is fully first and decides for itself. One day, on your responsibility and its debts, do not overwhelm the property. The new civil society has the opportunity to take first place (the ability to act first) in a situation where the child’s ability to live on his or her own is at least 16 years old and the final representatives (mostly the family) and the court agree.

In the event that his condition worsens, he can drive a healthy hunter so that his importance is taken care of in a certain way. In what way?
A new civic concept of new possibilities for people with mental disorders. It will not be necessary to deprive them of the opportunity to act first, but depending on how their illness progresses, they will be able to take on the so-called support, ie a person who will advise them in making decisions, or they will be able to be represented by family members.
They can thus write a so-called preliminary statement, in which they determine in the future, as they imagine, that their affairs should be the administration and who should be their guardian. Such a statement is made in the form of a notebook, or in writing in front of two witnesses. The person does this for himself, according to his own opinion, he wants his sister to be cared for by a sister and a guardian to be a brother, and he will not be able to take care of himself (for example due to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease).

Can the first persons exist and function? Do I have to re-register them?
Of course, the first-time persons, and in the case of joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, companies, associations of unit owners and, for example, associations (existing civic associations) can function for a long time and you will not have to pay anything from 1 January.
As of January 1, the activities of their statutes and other documents entered in the register, which will be in conflict with the mandatory provisions of the new laws (typically the obligation of membership with respect to the association), have automatically ceased to operate, this information must be brought into line with the new regulations. years since the activity of the new civil law, for business corporations it is enough, and at the same time deliver all the necessary documents to the public register. For the next flight, the first persons will have to adjust their name to comply with the new regulations.

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