It is also traded on world stock exchanges on New Year’s Eve, but not in Prague

Activity on the stock exchanges in the turn of the year skomr. Buyers and sellers of bears take a break, store their weapons and prefer to unpack their kites. Trading took place normally during the week and until Wednesday, December 23. Trading volumes had a declining trend, but were standard in full.

On a three-day day, the business fell silent, but it wouldn’t work. It was not traded at all in Central Europe. The Prague Stock Exchange was established together with its Polish and Hungarian colleagues. In Frankfurt and Vienna, they respected tdr day. Eager traders were able to transfer their activities to the London Stock Exchange or Euronext, which was created by the merger of Amsterdam, Brussels and the stock exchange. There was a shortening of the store until 13:00.

So the stock exchanges in North America went full throttle. However, even during the weekly trade, traders had the opportunity to trade, because the New York and Chicago stock exchanges closed at 19:15.

The complete Peruvian struggle between optimistic bulls and pessimistic bears took place on the world’s major stock exchanges for the first time. Only Muslims and some gave the Asian country a traditional violation of the peace of arms. The volume was still low due to the illness of foreign games and the activity was below average.

There is almost no trade on New Year’s Eve

After this weekend, the stock exchanges will reopen and will be fully traded until Wednesday, December 30. Before the end of the year, some exchanges accept some restrictions on trading due to the gossip system, so it is good to always ask the broker for details on trading on each exchange.

This period is otherwise usually quite interesting due to the large number of people who adjust their portfolios before the end of the year. Markets are not behaving fully standard, and this may discourage some experienced traders. There is a volatile movement in prices, because the activity is low and where in trade the market is moving.

Although New Year’s Eve in the Czech Republic is a normal working day, the stock market and the RM-System remain closed. The same goes for the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Vienna. On the contrary, it will be traded in Budapest and Varava until 13:00. It will be traded on Euronext until 14:00. In London until 13:30 and in New York and Chicago, the business will take place like any other working day.

On New Year’s Eve, the fight between the bulls and the bears will subside again and all the major worlds of the stock market will remain closed. After the weekend, the standard bustle will start, which runs the stock exchanges all year round. An exception will be Austria, which celebrated the national holiday of T krl on Wednesday, January 6.

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