Is RF cool, even depka? And how to deal with it in length?

Due to the fact that some employees do not have to marry their daily, she started to enjoy sundan again. Otherwise, without his presence, he doesn’t know where or where to work, depending on when the manager will be online. But he has to go out for a long time and make sure that they cheat.

Who wouldn’t take a break from his fa! The other side is similar. In the period of anti-pandemic measures, even those who have seen the home office so far have enjoyed this relationship for a long time. And after a few weeks it started to be stuffy in many places.

The manager, who usually has his under sight in sight of his glass office, suddenly stayed in his own dressing room with only a laptop. When the home office was delivered to me in the morning the next day, none of my colleagues answered the e-mail I sent the first afternoon of the previous day, and I was afraid that we would simply not be able to do so, to Ondej, who was an employee of the audit firm.

Going that day, he summoned all the podiums for the conference call, where they explained. It was possible to set the rules of who, when, where. You sat down after a week. And I dare say that a good half of the darkness was more intense than before the closure of the office, the lead auditor noticed.

Last month they showed that working from home is a huge change in the minds of the people. It looks cool, but definitely not. Employees often need management support, because at home office lovers feel free, but often lose track of time and eventually work even in the evening. Stphane Nicoletti, CEO of the Czech Republic, should be able to help and set the work rhythm and priorities that will make sense.

f as supervisor

Anyone who has not even gone through a knee in the dark works with different types of people. Some subjects need to be tamed, others need to be encouraged. In some cases it is necessary to raise your voice, in others it is necessary to raise the rewards. And this way of dressing is necessary even for long work.

You don’t have the opportunity to meet people in the hallway, in the office or in the office, so it’s important to find another way to keep in touch with colleagues and share information. We have introduced a regular Otzka and Response Center in the company, where we have always transparently informed about the current situation. And anyone could openly ask anything. And more than once a question fell: Will you be unleashed? Ji Mach from Enehano Solutions.

Talk, talk and go talk to submarines once. This is the most common advice f on how to achieve a hurry in online work.

A good idea must give your team, led to a long, a clear idea of ​​how working week it is. This applies, for example, to regular meetings. To give employees an overview of what they are used to from the office, there is the advice of Tom Surka from Quanta.

How to set up a check when it’s not possible with the naked eye

For a long-term company, the settings of Key Performance Instigators were not parameters that a given employee can achieve and which regularly runs values. This should work even for a long time. There are programs that can monitor employees as far as they can, but it is beyond the edge of ethics and elementary doors. If the employee did not work when he was in the office, he will work from the comfort of his home, remarks Barbora Tomovsk from the headhunter company Touchdown.

If a manager needs to constantly control his people, he doesn’t do any good. I have problems with myself or with the dark. If anyone is so worried, they probably miss the people they rely on in the dark, Tom Surka.

Stanislav Petek from TP Consulting divides the company into two types: If you are a femus who discusses priorities with the subjects, leave the rest to them and they are used to working like this, then this period of work is completely comfortable. If you are a type of fa who, on the other hand, works with you in detail and needs to be there, then you have an inescapable problem. So-called Depka prty.

Freedom as a baldness

The experience of f coronavirus companies shows a different interest. Many of their subjects, who had hitherto been considered an average worker, suddenly looked around and saw what was in them.

People are happy when they can show their enthusiasts that they are up to him and that they are gaining their position or function in the right place. I definitely make sense to try it, freedom will always be a great motivation to work, think the founder of Konopnch lkren Ji Stabla.

So how do you set the first mode? In order for f to work for a long time, he should get up, not say. Not to dictate to them the horses that demand of them, but on the contrary to develop them, always asking them, how they would do it, how they have an idea, how they would solve the situation. Then they will not cry helplessly for five days a day, but on the contrary they will function as separate units over time and will not have to decide for themselves, to Karel Pila, sales director of Colop, the largest manufacturer of stamps in the Czech Republic.

According to him, from the hitherto disparate darkness, there can be a team of self-confident individuals who are not even afraid to make a mistake, and not puppets.

Someone from f could be afraid that when the team works for a long time, people will flirt, abuse the freedom provided. But I always km, even with such a hunter you lose a maximum of two months, according to no. Don’t be afraid to take risks and invest your energy in people. It is better for you to lose a quality hunter several times a split, which requires a certain autonomy and freedom at work, adds Karel Pila.

The yard is important even in the case when it does not go smoothly. If excesses occur, they must be explained and should not be repeated. And that is the role of fa loha to assess such cases sensitively and behave accordingly in the future, the values ​​of Eva Svobodov from Uniqa pojiovny.

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