Is it necessary to eat at the home office? And what did he give benefits in the days of rouk?

The city of congress new glasses and instead of regular mass consultations with the drug for a long time. Vldn measures against coronavirus thus changed the erpn of employee benefits. Unlike salaries, the company’s bag is necropped.

Each pt esk company wanted to raise benefits for benefits this year. The result was one of the largest research by the B-inside research agency in this area, which at the end of last year was supported by 848 domestic companies.

But from the beginning it is different. Somewhere there are offices and offices, they have fully taken over the employees and employees have to laugh at the reduced salary, in addition to combating performance bonuses and surcharges. The crisis has not clearly affected the benefits of the crisis. Benefits, which are purchased in large quantities at the end of the year, remain for these employees. And it’s not about the hundreds. For example, according to one of the largest providers of benefits Sodexo, the company will spend on average benefits of 20,611 crowns per crown per employee.

In some sectors, such as travel or sports, the eruption has virtually stopped for obvious reasons. On the contrary, the strengths strengthened, in this segment we recorded a number of 20 percent compared to Norway, compared to Tereza Knov from Sodexo Benefit.

Meal vouchers in waves

Most coronaviruses have touched food stamps. In the first week, their use fell by half. However, according to the latest figures, the situation is slowly improving.

To make it easier for users to find an open restaurant with a window or delivery, we have added a new filter to our map. A number of restaurants offer these services new and customers often do not know about it at all. In these partner establishments, it is possible to apply electronic meal vouchers as before. There are more than 850 restaurants on the map and their number is gradually increasing, says Tereza Knov.

Meal vouchers make it possible to pay for groceries in stores. And somewhere they even introduced food vouchers and after a state of emergency. The reason? They set up a company dining room. At present, some companies have closed and ordered meal vouchers for their employees on a temporary basis, points out Petra Prchlkov, sales director of Up esk republika, which specializes in employee benefits.

dn krcen. Or just had it

The fact that silid works were brought home from the office does not mean that they have lost their right to use leisure vouchers.

As for possible changes in the working regime of home office employees, including children, quarantine and the like, they have no effect on the leisure benefits. Benefit is a bonus from the employer, so there is no employee’s claim. It does not seem that they should be shortened by employees at the moment. In companies with trade unions and state organizations, the benefits for a given year are enshrined in collective agreements, which organizations and companies will try to preserve, thinks Petr Prchlkov.

Often, even those who ordered a ride, concert and theater tickets before going to the cafeteria before an emergency was introduced. Just contact the dealer from whom they purchased the service. Unless they agree otherwise with them, for example on payment of a term, voucher, etc., the seller cancels the payment for the event and within five working days the points are written again on the cafeteria, explains the procedure of Petra Prchlkov from the Czech Republic. In some cases, however, cancellation fees are still inevitable.

Lky a vylepovn image

Most leisure benefits are usually valid until the end of 2021, and employees should have enough time to use them later. Alternatively, employers and customers are able to credit unused vouchers and order new vouchers for a credit of hundreds, notes Petr Prchlkov.

And the people show that they will have to choose from it. The course mainly includes services that can be ordered online. At Sodexo, we have a great experience with the promise of, where our employees and their families can consult their questions with lkaem for a long time. But outside of it is also about online knees, digital ridicule or consultations with a coach or psychologist, kk Tereza Knov.

Among the modern benefits are the services of so-called virtual assistants, who are available to clients in various professional and personal matters. From pick-up to children, teambuilding and re-processing are also fully permitted. At the moment, clients use virtual assistants mostly for online marketing activities, paying for advertising, preparing pages, content, and customer service, especially depreciation on e-mails. It is clear from the trend that a lot of companies use their free time to prepare a strategy and full expansion in the spoiled values ​​of the trend Jan Skovajsa, co-owner of the startup myTimi, which provides personal assistant services.

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