Investors invested seven million crowns in the type of D-Day series

In the second day of Day D, the investors broke up. astnkm “donated” a total of seven million crowns. They supported, for example, Japanese poplars, meat pies or pasta for gases. Even the children themselves have invested in some of the projects in a professional way.

Imagine that you have a smart sail on your truck or in your car, which sounds like a thief when it is detected by a thief. Good idea? Undoubtedly, how is it possible that its author did not convince the investor for a long time to support his business? According to them, he brought a bad companion, who discouraged the businessmen. This, too, can happen in front of the cameras of Czech television in the D-Day program – because a hurry or a hurry is immediately decided by the people who put their own pensions into the offered project.

The most famous are plyci

The investor and a lot of media attention was gained by Marek Hlvka with a travel agency for gases. At the same time, Marta Novkov thought before the presentation that the entrepreneurs would benefit from the arrest.

The trip works by flying your favorite gas on vacation. They will bring your pet to your chosen location and take a picture of him there. The photos capture you like a lot of friends or friends at important monuments. For now, our travel agency only works for foreign clients who have sent their friends to Prague (read more about the project in our previous article).

Tomio Okamura and Dana Brov invested in the travel. “At first, Tomio Okamura feared my little experience from the business world, but over time he knew my talent and the effort to move the project to a long time,” describes Hlvka’s arrests. “A year after the investor was involved in the project, we are fulfilling stle gave news. Even meat will offer you a lot of meat, ”says Hlvka.

“I didn’t expect to find an idea that would fully meet all my conditions. But the gas tour thrilled me, “to Tomio Okamura. “I can even say that it is especially in the world the most publicized idea of ​​the Czech company in the last few years. And that makes me fantastic, ”adds the investor.

Ondej Barto was very surprised by his investment. He invested 1.5 million crowns in the car market. “I was interested in the product and I missed it. I offered them an investment, but provided they come up with a strategy and a focus. ”

For some, there is a difference between a good idea and an investment idea. “In the category of ideas, I really liked the equipment that briquettes waste during cutting. As a project for business, I still like the best distribution of SpinaliS health care products, in which we invested with Dana Brová, ”explains Ondej Barto.

“The cooperation between investors and entrepreneurs on the health care project works great. After agreements with investors, they gathered their courage and took over the representation of health care providers in Slovakia as well, and I am already spreading to other markets, ”describes the project of Luk Franta, the dramaturg of the program.

Michael Rostock was most interested in Japanese poplars. “The project is at the forefront of energy, renewables and agribusiness. In addition, its author is not afraid to work, do business and think about it, ”explains Michael Rostock.

Investors bvaj and divci

Although the pension from the investor entrepreneur did not get directly in the program, it may not be over – D-Day had such an audience (an average of a million girls, another 200 thousand people look on the Internet) that there was often an investor directly among them.

“After a long time, many potential investors came to us, we did not expect such an interest. We know that our Kornetka will soon appear on the market, “said Radek and Naa Prak, who drank with the idea to make and sell small paper” weapons “that would prevent the thug of ice cream on the cone. Investors, who wanted a million crowns from them, liked the idea, but were discouraged by ambiguities in the distribution and “unpreparedness” of the manel. Even so, the Praks were satisfied.

And they are not alone, for example, Jitka Sunkovsk with a magazine for dvky or the oldest participant of Day D Ji Stekl with okokornnyty, offers a project of the original Krl hromu stones, received quotes for cooperation. The investor and a lot of media attention was gained by Marek Hlvka with a travel agency for gases.

In addition, one of the participants appealed directly to girls as potential investors. He came to offer participation in the project, his subject was the production of a mini-car (find out more in the previous article).

Pislben penz does not mean business

Not even the seemingly spn presentation may end in time. Mr. V, who took part in the meeting with his disabled board, received a promise of the required pensions. Originally, he wanted 300 thousand crowns for 7%, but during the presentation, investors broke him and he offered them 50 percent of the potential profit. But this is not unusual.

The rounds, which the investors gave him, he fulfilled at his own expense, but one of the investors found out that a similar product exists abroad. The investors therefore withdrew from the contract. (about pbhu you more pette in the blog).

Who invested in what project in the type of ad D-Day
Investoi Agreement Project astnk
T. Okamura 700 tisc/30% podl Masses Pavel Knedla
M. Novkov, T. Okamura, D. Brov 1.5 million / 30% Draby peprav run hit
O. Barto 1.5 million / 45% Autodrhy Stanislav Kubn, Pavel ebek
M. Rostock-Poplar, O. Barto, D.Brov 1.5 million / 36% Japanese poplars Jaroslav Kaprek
T.Okamura, D.Brov 300 tisc/30% podl Travel for gases Marek Hlvka
O.Barto, M.Novkov 300 tisc/50 % podl Jdeln pbor pro one hand Ji V
O.Barto, D.Brov 800 tisc/20% podl Medical idle aneta Badlkov
O.Barto, M.Rostock-Poplar 400 tisc/45% podl Shelf window Aurelie Roubalov
Source: esk television, data are in korunch

He gave ada and change the rules

This year, aunt of the day of Dad’s Day will begin. You can sign up on the esk television pages. The mission of the series is being fulfilled at the beginning of 2011.

The rules remain almost the same, but the participants will be able to honor by millions of crowns. esk television was not fully satisfied with the bricks projects. “Outside of our investments, we want to pursue quality projects that are at an advanced stage and make mistakes for them, a smart pension investor – not only cash, but also experience and contacts. It should be included in the program, ”explains the play’s playwright Luk Franta.

The quality of the project should help that the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic will cooperate in the selection of competitions from the adept. It is not entirely clear which of the investors of the type of series will be included in the company, and work with them.

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