Investments in precious metals can be insured against the crisis

Invest in gold even in economically unfavorable times. For a gold salary, in tense crisis, the darker ones can get rich on it. After a long stagnation, gold started to rise again and in the last four years its price has even doubled.

While in mid-2007 the price of gold was around $ 670 an ounce, in March 2008 its price exceeded the thousand dollar for the first time in history, and it managed to hit all its profits to the present day.

Currently, gold is selling for 940 USD / ounce. Thanks to the crisis, the price of gold rose by 40% during this time. In the last three years alone, it has even doubled. Going a few years ago, investing in gold was an understatement, but after a long stagnation, gold has once again shown its worth and proved that it should inevitably complete the portfolio of perhaps every investor.

The reasons for such a steep rise in the price of gold are relatively simple. Gold has long been synonymous with security and preservation of value. Although the times when it served as the main currency, the two past and the loss of its monetary value, the growth of its price has slowed sharply in recent decades, even beyond wages, even in times of uncertainty it is the first gold, its price increases dramatically. Gold, therefore, I act as a great investment to limit the volatile value of our assets, and there is a crisis in any way. For the owners of this metal, the salary in which the economy goes through in times of crisis, the darker they can get richer.

How to invest in gold

Investing in gold is not difficult to pay even with relatively small flows. Probably the easiest way to make money on your gold prices is with the help of an investment certificate. Although he cannot physically own the gold for the investor, his advantage is a bag of high liquidity and the ability to buy and sell immediately. The issuers of these certificates, their price depends on the price of gold on the market, are usually large banks, which ensure that the supply and demand are always met.

Even for those who really want to own gold, the path to it is not easy. But especially for goldsmithing, you need to visit a specialized company that deals with gold trading. The purchase of gold perks could significantly increase VAT, but this does not apply to investment gold. In addition, we would have to pay perk producers and sellers for their added value. The price of gold is increased by astrocytes and by a percentage of a percent.

The security is to get gold bricks, which can be bought, for example, from a weight of one gram. With such small ingots, the price per gram of astokrt varies considerably, not in the case of the purchase of an ingot weighing in weight, and therefore it is always better to buy one-piece in weight.

Stbro, platinum and diamonds

Investments in silver and platinum are different in nature, not in the case of investments in gold. In addition to artistic use, these two metals are quite widely used in industry. The first industrial demand may be their biggest cornerstone, which was finally confirmed by the current crisis.

While gold, as a traditional safe deposit, managed to keep its price, the price of silver and platinum fell dramatically after the steep rise from last year’s arrest in the second half of 2008, when the world’s major economies plunged into a deep recession. Platinum fell from its maximum of 2,250 USD / ounce in December and to 820 USD / ounce, while the price of silver fell sharply from 20.7 USD / ounce and below the limit of nine dollars. Although, for example, platinum metal is far more precious than gold, for an investor who wants to protect himself from the effects of the crisis on his portfolio, the quality of gold is far from reaching.

The last and only investment tool for those investors who look for safety are precious stones. Tm duke their tradin diamond symbol. Investing in a diamond bag is not for everyone and in order for it to really bring a more significant appreciation, it is necessary to look deeper into the wallet (ie it should be set aside at least 500 00 crowns and more). Whenever a diamond is original, so while the price of some is rising by a few percent, the price of others may stagnate or even fall.

In addition, the purchase of these gems is quite a financial burden and only consulting services and mare a businesswoman can swallow a considerable amount of money. In the case of investing in diamonds, it is therefore always necessary to consider them over a period of several years. It is essential to always buy only from reputable and certified retailers, which can be found, for example, in Antwerp, Belgium and in London.

Of all the precious metals and stoves, it is primarily gold that can provide its owners with a real peaceful sleep. Although in the past it may have seemed that this metal is receding and becoming an old investment, the last two years have shown once again how valuable a component of the portfolio this metal can be. Even in the future, an increase in its price cannot be ruled out. After the financial crisis has been decided by central banks and governments around the world, this scene is even quite likely.

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