Investing in painting will pay off. Don’t lose your value

Buying a painting or a sculpture can be a good way to invest your pension. In addition to those who buy art for the pleasure of themselves or others, increase the number of those who are interested in debt.

“Nowadays, people invest in the image. Especially in the last year, it is the people who know exactly what the painting will have for a year or five years, ”said the owner of the Chrudim Art Gallery, Lubo Jelnek. These investors are traditionally interested in paintings presented by the avant-garde, which often takes place in the bursts of auction dreams. But according to him, buy with the prospect of profit even for the author of the young. They can be first exhibited in Chrudim by Petr Malina.

You do not have to have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of crowns available to invest in the purchase of a painting. Above all, it means being able to orient yourself in the creative art and at the same time maintaining the business and at the same time the artistic “of them”. “For example, Josef Vchal’s graphics were available to buy in antiquarians for 400 crowns years ago, today the same people bought them for ten thousand crowns,” added Lubo Jelnek.

On Vysoin stle years of oil paintings with motifs of sale. “Our investors are most interested in Makovka, for example for Josef Ullman or Frantik Kavn. It costs about ten thousand crowns. We are most interested in landscapes, ”said Michaela Vodikov from Hlineck EM Gallery.

Unlike the changes in the Chrudim gallery in Hlinsko, do not display a picture on the price website. “The prices are up to me. When the painting is a year old, its owner has to go down with the price, otherwise we will return it, “Vodikov added.

In the Pardubice gong gallery, you sell the most frequent paintings worth around five thousand crowns and spe graphics not oil paintings. “Especially to us go to those who do not care what you hang on the wall at home and it is not enough for them only a plaque, calendar or photos of their children. Many people choose wedding gifts, graduation or birthday gifts. These are in the bag, ”said Gong owner Klra Spolkov.

According to them, it is a code that people are willing to invest large sums of money in you, which is not so true of the permanent values ​​stored in works of art. “People, for example, are willing to pay five thousand crowns for a jacket for one season, and the painting for five thousand crowns is in their way,” said Spolkov. Together with the owner of the Vysoina Gallery polys, they agree that the paintings are bought by most people over the age of five.

“T ns the fact that there is still a growing number of young customers who are looking for nice and high-quality graphics according to your affordable prices. In the same way, a lot of creative work leaves us, as a drill to someone close to us, ”said Marcela Vrasprov from Polika.

However, they cannot go to the center above Orlic, where the Korb gallery store ended its activity recently. In the nearby Gallery under the Town Hall, shop for the author of the main members of the club, the Art Friend Club. On the whole, they have small graphic items from 250 to 1000 crowns. The competition with sales galleries is the only company in the Pardubice region that offers a large number of painted paintings.

On the 100PA website, you can choose flower motifs, invitations, abstractions or famous paintings from Mona Lisa to Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers. “Selected motif paint nai mali for tyi a est tdn. We have a lot of them in our offer. Price lists are portraits, not pictures of flowers, which can be bought in the smallest format for 990 crowns, “said Martina Pavliov. About half of the production is owned by households, the type is used in hotels, retail furniture and in the corridors of companies.

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