Investin pors o Porsche vyhrla ena

tytdenn investment competition X-Trade Brokers Cup has come to an end. Mr. Zuzana Holieninov from Slovakia became the winner. Achieved in vi 4,040%. She thus ensured comfortable guidance in front of two echoes. They increased their investment by a remarkable 3,289% and 3,146% during the competition.

Mr. Zuzana has been relying on the top five statistics since the very beginning of the competition, and for his performance he won the main prize of the competition, which is a luxury Porsche Cayman car.

And how can the virtual deposit multiply more than thirty times during those weeks? Mr. Zuzan succeeded thanks to international trade with the currency exchange EUR / USD. During the competition, it made a total of 502 trades, of which only 109 were lost, and only 20 trades were made on another financial instrument, not the first currency against EUR / USD.

The business strategy of the competition was very aggressive since the arrest, which is probably the only way to succeed in the competition of more than 50,000 competitors.

From the very beginning, it therefore traded at very short (several minutes) intervals, speculating on small exchange rate fluctuations, which caused high volumes of trading transactions. astokrt was thus satisfied with a change in the exchange rate in the breath of a hundredth of a cent, which often in stores and with 50 lots offered space for very interesting gains.

Mr. Zuzana applied this strategy from the very beginning of the competition and the elements were able to increase the size of her here more than twenty times in the week. In the last week of the week, the bag saw a change, when Mr. Zuzana opened a long-term position, which she worked for an unusually long period of seven days. In these, she began to speculate that the dollar could once again strengthen the sweat that it had shattered and at its trnctimsn minimum at prices of 1.50 EUR / USD.

And the estimate was actually true. Negatively, the US economy was able to catch up with stock indices last week, which corrected its gains from the June arrest. This was also reflected in the foreign exchange market, where traders began to resort again to the safe US currency, which strengthened during the first half of last week and at prices of 1.4690 EUR / USD. Mr. Zuzana closed his position perfectly at the price of 1.4717 EUR / USD, which brought her a profit of 153 thousand EUR, which ensured a comfortable jump, his pecuniary position was above all other competitors.

Together with Mr. Zuzana, the last competitor played a bag of interesting prizes last week. As in the first few weeks, in the last week it was possible to get the HTC Touch Diamond2 mobile telecommunication, which always belonged to the best man and woman from Slovakia and Slovakia, who managed to achieve the highest valued balance in their world during the week.

Mr. Jakub Rusnok and Mr. Martina Kurnstov from the Czech Republic, who achieved an appreciation of 1,561% and 736% in the week, divided the three telecommunicators. From Slovakia, Mr. FrantiĊĦek Galbav and Mr. Lydia Rejdov win the weekly prize with an appreciation of 1,024% and 651%.

Last week, the battle for the X-Trade Brokers Cup competitor was clearly the most important. The situation on the markets has changed rapidly. The sell-off in the stock markets, accompanied by the dollar, brought under selling pressure to most commodity prices, and because the vast majority of orders were bought last week (BUY), competitors had to incur the highest cumulative losses of all those weeks. The most lossy instruments were the EUR / USD currency, followed by sugar, gold and a number of stock indices and individual stocks.

The closing of the X-Trade Brokers Cup will take place at a twisted galavever in Prague on November 26, where all prizes will be included in the show. If you are interested in the issue of investment, the company X-Trade Brokers Cup also offers the possibility of establishing a demo, together with the possibility of participating in free seminars throughout the Czech Republic. Students will be acquainted in detail with the issues of technical and fundamental analysis, psychology of business and money management, which can help them in the formation of their own business strategy.

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