Internet banking: deposit bank

Use Internet Banking? Then think about when was the last time you visited a branch? Do you even know what it looks like there? Mon spe remember how your internet bank looks like. And that’s exactly what it’s all about.

Electronic banking plays a role in client bank communication. According to surveys, this year it became the most used channel of internet banking, which thus surpassed the current network – telebanking. Experts therefore believe that Internet banking will soon have a significant impact on banks. Internet banking will thus become a new deposit of the bank.

Even as we grow, let’s fall behind

The dog has not been growing, but it is still difficult for countries with low internet penetration – and thus low use of internet banking. It is clear that the use of internet banking in the Czech Republic is between 10 and 20%, while the EU average is 36%. Internet banking is mostly used by the population in the Scandinavian countries, where the rate exceeds 70%. The development of internet banking thus grows with the achievement of distance – more than 45% of internet banking users are high-end users).

Nevertheless, for the first time in the Czech Republic, the volumes of transactions carried out via the Internet are growing at a reversible pace, and growth is likely to continue. The benefits of the Internet for working with finance are convinced by all the people’s availability for twenty-three hours a day, the possibility to place an order without a wall queue at the branch from the comfort of home are only a hundred of them. He gave them a price that always affects clients, and in whom would you also like to pay 45 crowns for a single order placed on pepper, which is the largest of the Czech banks?

At the same time, the Internet is the cheapest of all channels of banking, in contrast to the payment order on the market or even telebanking does not require human labor. Levels for the use of internet banking are usually around tens of crowns per month, and packages are usually provided by providers at a reasonable price. A payment order to another bank will then most often come out around the crowns.

Internet weaknesses: security concerns

On the other hand, a handful of people this year also became convinced of inappropriate internet, especially the case with the disappearance of pensions from Komern banka, and esk spoitelny opt developed debates about the security of internet banking. Both banks have increased the security of their applications with a new, in Czech still popular element of a one-time key for the authorization of active operations sent by the bank free of charge to a mobile phone. Not even the last of the large banks was left aside, which in 2003 introduced authorization of operations with a one-time SMS key – it intended to send standard security to the jet this year by offering clients the option to choose an SMS key for logging into the application . Internet banking SOB and its features – Potovn spoitelny – b on the same platform.

In defense against flows to its clients, the security of its internet banking has been fulfilling since November, and Citibank clients will need an authenticated key calculator to access the application, which generates a unique key for each operation.

However, in addition to increasing security, banks also enjoy the various functionalities of their applications. Although the most used services are the control of the balance of the castle and the orders to the castle, the banks try to use the Internet to control the settings and additional services, a separate chapter is the effort to use all the products of the financial group, of which the bank is a member. Also, in addition to the back payment orders and collections and their control in various applications, you will find the opportunity to arrange a term deposit, as well as building savings and investments in mutual funds.

Internet banking should be user-friendly for the client, ie. especially clear, the client should be easy to navigate in nm. According to the concept of internet banking as a bank’s deposit, we let a ten-year jury composed of experts and laymen evaluate the ease of control, functionality and overall transparency of the internet applications of three retail banks in the Czech Republic. The jury evaluated the Internet applications as in a round from one to the bird (this evaluation together with insights into individual applications can be found HERE).

We then included their “marks” in the overall evaluation and after taking into account other factors (prices, security and range of services), we evaluated this year’s Internet banking test – you can find more information about it in tomto lnku.

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