Insure yourself on the sun on vacation. But only in lt, in the south au moe

Invia offers cooperation with Axa Assistance as the first Czech internet travel agency in cooperation with Axa Assistance. For a fee of 200 crowns, you will be allowed to get a discount on the next trip in case of prpren.

The tourist will be able to give compensation if more than half of them are allowed to suffer from cloudy skies ad 隝.

The offer also includes a first aid. The assistance service will provide assistance when you lose your documents and luggage, or a traffic accident occurs. The services of an interpreter or the first representative are also a matter of course. The insurer is Inter Partner Assistance, which, like Axa Assistance, is a member of the large multinational AXA Group.

First in Central Europe

According to Barbora Carrera from Axa Assistance, the connection box was offered exclusively by the customers of the travel agency. If you buy a ride through this agency, your sellers will also offer to go on a so-called mobile quiet holiday, which includes a sunny sunny day.

“When creating the new service, we were inspired in France, where this type is very large. We believe that it is important to alleviate the fear of customers investing in holidays. We often encountered the client’s doubts for the first time because of the unfavorable weather, ”explains Michal Tma from

“Insurance is unprotected only against persistent children. Clients will receive compensation, even if it is classified as cloudy or cloudy, ”adds Darkness, noting that the insurance does not apply to events caused by non-hydrometeorological influences, such as volcanic activity, explosion or fire.

For two hundred a discount of 2,500 crowns, but only somewhere

The insurance itself is not expensive, pay 200 crowns for one, regardless of the length of the trip. Like all binders, the bag also has your own conditions. The connection is mainly for visitors to traditional holiday destinations, such as Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Bulgaria and Spain, including the Kanr Islands.

If you go north, you to a woman, probably no one will replace you. The complete list of countries to which the network works can be found here.

The full coverage of the insurance company is not the same as for other money insurance policies, as a payment you will receive a voucher worth CZK 2,500 per person. You can take it to the next exit, which you can buy at, until the end of the following calendar year.

Insurance salary only in lt

Other restrictions apply to the term and length of leave. In the general insurance conditions, the insurance salary for excursions in the period from 1 June to 30 June must be paid.

So, for example, when you fly to the Czech Republic on June 2 at 10 pm and return on June 10 in the morning, 9 days will be included in the insurance period. If you are at least five days away from this time, you can expect compensation.

Please note that the insurance only applies to exits that take place during this period. “It is not possible to arrange this connection for the congress to which you would go on the 25th for returning according to you and on the 2nd of June,” explains Barbora Carrera.

Inland and in the mountains you will not get compensation

In addition, sweat is only possible at the time, specifically in the dog within two kilometers from the Mediterranean, Black or Red Sea, at the Canary Islands from the Atlantic Ocean and at the same time at an altitude of more than 300 meters. An all-day trip in Madrid, the back of my day in the Alps cannot be applied.

How do you tell if the holiday was spoiled?

“To obtain an insurance indemnity, after returning from permission to fill out and send a simple form with a short description of the weather. Of course, the customer does not have to prove the climatic conditions, ”says Michal Tma, adding that the agency cooperates with renowned meteorological services and, as a result, has a constant view of the weather in the monitored areas.

“The easiest way to return is to call the helpdesk, where they have shared all the information and half the patina,” said Barbora Carrera. If the insurance company recognizes the person, the field of discount vouchers is directly to the house.

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