Insurance for bullshit is uiten, the whole family costs hundreds

Liability insurance is not expensive. At the same time, a situation where you cause the code for the plates and hundreds of thousands of crowns. When your children are in the railroad shop.

A situation occurs when someone causes a code to me. To avoid paying the code from your pocket, it pays to open the most frequent liability insurance.

The policyholders collect a minimum commission for it, because the contract is worth a hundred, but it is useful for the bondholder.

1. Responsibility in obanskm life

Jana and Kamil went to the electronics store to pick up a new fridge and for a while they forgot that they had children with them. In the meantime, they started a chase between the rules. When there was a rumble, it was clear that the city of the new refrigerator would pay the code to the parents.

How to insure for this case:

Ideln is an insurance policy for codes that a hunter causes in everyday life. The insurance policy usually applies to the whole family of the person who concluded it. That means on the code that manner, children, or even the dog. Only one who has more money must be included in the insurance, they must conclude a separate contract for them.

Some bondmen will also be at the mercy of the code caused by their children, when you look for an unmarried nephew. The insured is often arranged together with the household insurance. Then pay me and in one.

But watch out for codes that don’t make you feel like a citizen. If the repair breaks the TV for the client, you must have agreed on corporate liability. In the same way, the insurance company will not fulfill when you give the code to someone from the family.

2. Liability of the property owner

Klra lived in her own apartment and put boxes of flowers behind the windows. One chest, probably five, fell on the street. A neighbor had a car parked under the windows and the code for the pierced hood was 15 thousand crowns.

How to insure for this case:

Things related to the fact that the client owns the property, some of the links in a special box. In the case of Klry, she needs to have a strong responsibility for gossiping the property.

3. Odpovdnost vi zamstnavateli

She works as a sales representative. I have a company car available. After a short deal with the client, he left angry and did not give priority to the kiosk. The company car had a code of 185 thousand crowns, the insurance company will pay for it from the accident insurance car, the employer wants to pay the 10 percent share after Jim.

How to insure for this case

The employer may first want to replace the code up to 4.5 times the average monthly debt.

In this case, it would be appropriate for the South to connect the code caused in the employment relationship. It can be arranged with the insurance company, which represents a multiple of the salary, but the insurance company usually does not pay the entire code, co-payment bv and 30 percent.

If you have signed material responsibility at work and make a shortfall, it does not fall into the insurance codes. If you want to be connected to the engine codes (which is the case of the South), you have to say it in the insurance.

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