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Infectionist Malyshev explained the death of coronavirus vaccine testers

Six people died in trials of a joint German-American vaccine. Moreover, four were injected with a placebo, that is, their bodies were not exposed to the real drug. What could be the reason for the deaths of the subjects and whether this had happened before – we asked about this, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, infectious disease specialist Nikolai Malyshev.

– I came across such things, it happens. People die from concomitant diseases or even unexpectedly, says Nikolai Malyshev. – For example, a stomach ulcer or perforation is detected – and the person dies.

One way or another, people die, including in groups of subjects. Some diseases show up during research, and placebo groups are no exception.

– How seriously are people who need to test the vaccine being tested?

– Very seriously. A person takes tests, including biochemistry, doctors look at his state of health … And within 2-3 days after the examination, the participants must start testing.

– And if more time has passed?

– It happens that a week has passed – as they say, the train has left, people can no longer be taken for tests, their examination must be carried out again. These are the laws. But, I repeat, no one is immune from death. The quality and effectiveness of the vaccine, as a rule, has nothing to do with this.

Recall that in the placebo group, two foreign subjects died of stroke and heart attack. One of the people who received the vaccine suffered from atherosclerosis and died three days after the first dose. Another participant suffered cardiac arrest 60 days after the second dose was administered, and three days later, doctors recorded death.