In what attempts to work? Stylist advice on how to choose a mt style

Paramedics, a policeman or a train driver are easy, wearing a uniform. The rest of us have to deal with me a lot of clothes, which we will wear all day. Stylist Lenka Zelenohorsk advises how to choose the clothes that suit the profession the most.

It is best to combine those who, during working hours, have to sit a little while in the office, run around the city or meet clients, talk on Fridays or walk across the country.

often we choose only according to tenderness. Only what I can be comfortable with may not be the right job. The rules of the dress now unfold as the next society demonstrates its friendliness and openness in a lighter style, points out stylist Lenka Zelenohorsk.

Obleen m can correspond to the nature of the work. They vary from field to field. I know how it is sometimes difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and at the same time affordable, but I would like to avoid this, so that this does not become a good thing, to follow the first rules of dress, which include a measure of taste. Therefore, think about your goal in terms of combinability, offer.

m conservative business, tm art rights. According to the stylist, people who knew a lot about the imagination in general can easily pass. For example, the minimalist style evokes certainty, straight lines two feel simplicity and pomp, and in color associate dynamics, blue color calm and dignity, names a few rules Zelenohorsk.

car harmony of life

For example, how should a teacher dress up? Choose 70% of the waste in basic neutral shields and in timely cuts. Let me know what information you are sharing with your dressed others, the stylist.

A woman who in the first grade will choose a dress that is more colorful so that it works on children open and adolescent. The teacher, who uses it in the second stage to determine a subject, adapts his replacement and his department.

According to the stylist, the round does not include the trend, vividness and vibrant colors, inscriptions and brand promotion. Not so good to ride a bike in slippers or sandals. Wear comfortable shoes similar to those you wear out. The teacher should look dignified and command respect, says Zelenohorsk. When he comes in a T-shirt and bottoms or squares, there is no vn. Not only children, but they are born, then they dare to do something for him, because they are actually dressed like him. So it’s not just about comfort, but also about professionalism. And this also applies to other professions.

Recommended enm? Wear dresses in which you look comfortable and are comfortable. Choose also a comfortable skirt, which will start to be copper and which can be supplemented with a light and blouse.

And what about stylist mum? Put on shirts that create an aesthetic silhouette and are elegant at the same time. Make sure that the trousers do not look worn and fall into time.

Shop in sets

But how to find your style? First, name your qualities, breeding in public, the impression you want to make on people. Do you have simplicity, color, relaxation? Think about sports style. Would you like to look feminine, noble, so perfect? Then bet on elegant leather. The style can also be dramatic, extravagant, prodni, classic or you romantic.

Before buying, always discuss the attorney and Lenka Zelenohorsk is good at first for those who are annoyingly shopping.

Make a list in advance, buy only one cut in a certain period. Which, on the other hand, means that you will buy more protentokrt.

Shop best according to Capsules 3-2-1. It contains three upper lengths (top, T-shirt, blouse, shirt, sweater), two outerwear (jacket, sweater, jacket) and one lower (trousers, skirt), reveals the stylist’s know-how.

For each season, ie spring / summer and autumn / winter, you should have two and three work capsules, three shoes, one and two leisure capsules, two shoes, one veern capsule, one pre-shoes, three handbags. For the whole year, the upper pieces are jackets, coats, shorts and the like.

And you will be shopping, so keep in mind that it is ideal for the individual pieces in these different sets to be combined with each other, the stylist continues. Design high-quality characters from your collection, take advantage of it and buy you in only one store.

I would like you to know that if you get a little better now, you can’t, so I can add this step to myself on the way to the shower, notes Lenka Zelenohorsk.

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