In the year, the win was only with graduation, apartment, car, cottage and insurance

Holidays and vacations, it is an ideal time to leave the internet and relax at a board game. And you can see that it’s fun. At least according to the response to the article about how the Stock Game was created.

You also wrote an e-mail to the discussion. I grew up with this game. My sister and I won a library competition as he should have, and where he got one of these games. Whenever we were sick, we played her, she wrote thinly.

You nostalgically remembered how you spent free time without the internet, tablet and mobile phone. Jetmm at home in the gauge game Enterprises. There was a map of Europe with the main cities then I bought a jet map of Jin America. It was quite similar to Monopoly and Horse Racing and szky and the like, he gave it.

And you mentioned the games he put, for example, Build, Truck in Europe, Behind the Stock Exchange around the world, Marl and the pioneer and Phantom of the Star of Prague. Ivan Mldek’s play Let’s Build Stalin’s Monument or a play that was published in the fifties and was called Business was very popular. This game, where land and houses were bought, is remembered by the one.

Although the games at the time were not on glossy cardboard and were more reminiscent of home-made production, they were funny, according to vs.

ance – a game about insurance for old children and adults

Some of them also remembered the game that appeared in our country before the revolution. It was a topaprov of an orano-hnd color.

The social game about insurance for children and adults was published by the Czech Social Insurance Agency (SP) in 1989. The game was created in the co-operating Department of Promotion (the terminology could be considered a marketing department) and Sportpropagace. It was one of the organizations esk sttn pojiovna cooperated (today it would be an advertising agency).

According to the accounts at the time, the insurance company had to spend its resources on education and prevention. And one of the ways to educate people and remind them of the principles of working together was, for example, this game, according to Jan Marek.

Through a ridiculous game, the insurance company tried to teach people not only to deal with financial products. The purpose of the games was not to accumulate as much as possible, but to achieve a corresponding level of life through active study and work. What did the creators imagine under the darkness? Vtz had to get at least a high school diploma, a student, a hardened apartment and buy it, then buy a car, land and a cottage and arrange a pension for workers working with the Czech insurance company.

Aleo boarding here was like that. For each round he received a game salary, his in the distance. Pensions were spent, for example, on him, membership in housing estate, furniture, cottage, car and so on insurance. Of course, cards with different wheels also worked in this area. Those who did not have a pension could sell some of their property, got rid of the bag to play. Whoever had nothing simply ended up.

Even though the game was not on a shiny cardboard, the players had to take it out first and add pieces and a dice, they should take care of the waste. The insurance company in the world had thousands of plates produced. The game was not sold, but it was used for the needs of commercial insurance companies, which provided it as a valuable asset to clients. The SP promotion department then issued and gave similar games, mostly for children. For example, How to behave on the road or How to ride a bike, add Jan Marek. Here you can choose materials, such as timetables for rounds, coloring books or pictures, which the children received during the inspection at the hospital.

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