In the Czech Republic, aunt’s electronics are sold online, in Italy only seven percent

esk internet shop is on the rise, dog internet is domestically prod tetina electronics. This is the most in Europe.

According to a study by GfK, in contrast to every third internet sold in the Czech Republic, about 20 percent of e-shops are sold in Germany, the United Kingdom, 15 percent in France and even less than seven percent in Italy.

“In the sale of electronics, it will offer even better services than Germany and the United Kingdom, specifically in logistics, for example. People are used to the fact that they can get the service “the same day delivery”, ie delivered on the day of the order. In Europe, however, it is not common and cheap for customers. Our e-shops can be delivered around Prague within hours of ordering, even for large products such as slingshots, refrigerators, televisions and the like, ”explains Ji Navrtil, director of the online division of Datart International.

ei run on the internet vc not Slovenes

Cetelem’s survey showed that even more Slovaks spend more on the Internet. At the same time, regular access to the network is in Slovakia – according to the GfK agency and a study from 2011, 79 percent of Slovaks and 71 percent of Czechs are regularly on the Internet. not in Slovakia, where Dr. European Average.

Although in the Czech Republic, according to a survey, only 12.1 percent of people in online payments (in Slovakia it is 17.6 percent), the number of payments via the Internet is growing. ”It turns out that there are still two more payment cards, and online , or through payment terminals. But in popularity, however, payments over the payment br e-commerce. Here, in recent years, we have seen a 30 percent increase in the sweat and volume of transactions, ”says Stanislav Molk of esk spoitelna.

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“A significant difference is the preference for personal collection, click & collect service. In Slovakia, a percentage of people consider personal collection more as a reservation for a store, not as a binding order. For us, personal collection is significantly accelerated, so stores are as good as the best place in the city, ”Ji Navrtil gave the value.

Electronic payments are on the rise

How do u ns zbo bought online pay? Two of them were good at the course, today they also learned to pay electronically, and by card, bank transfer, now also through PayPal. “Vky stkylid pays by bank transfer, because most customers do not have a limit on the payment card,” said an expert from Datart. But he also mentions that the number of retail transactions in the last month made by card when transporting the house was worth 199 thousand crowns. The customer shared a new model of 75-inch television.

According to experts, what will the situation on the Czech Internet market look like in years? “According to current trends, we can assume that over the next five years, the percentage will increase by 10 percent collected from the store and paid over the Internet in units of percent. That’s good. We see pins in it on average, where people are not afraid to pay hundreds of items, and in the development of intangible goods (such as electronic books), which can not be paid otherwise than online. According to the entry of the two-day PayPal into the Central European market and the development of mobile payments, which we place in this group, ”comments Ji Navrtil.

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