In the case of a building society, you only pay an extra fee per prize

Are you going to buy an apartment and renovate the dm and don’t have enough pensions? You do not have to go to the bank right away for a mortgage, especially in a building society. Even if you haven’t worn a crown yet.

To sign with a building society, you do not have to sign a contract within fifty minutes and you can immediately give your pension data in the form of a so-called hellhound.

Is it better not to take a mortgage? There is no clear answer. Depending on the current situation, you always have to ask for years and fees with me. In general, it pays that the small amount you need for the reconstruction of the bathroom and kitchen, the building savings is suitable in terms of fees.

He also plays a role in splendor

You can only pay for the amount of crowns below the amount of support. We have given building societies to consume a model example of a client who wants to pay 300 thousand crowns, but is in a hurry and if you can

No matter how much he spared it, don’t show him the business conditions, he deposited two thousand crowns in the city instead of the classic 1,500 crowns per year, after 58 months (three years, ten months), at Lika and Modr pyramids.

The longest, 74 msc (six years, two months), would be waiting at Wstenrot, there, as a result, the bag would be the cheapest to pay only a thousand crowns. He would also be rewarded by the fact that his monthly payment would be up to two thousand crowns, so he would not pay more than in the savings period.

Vote for the year when concluding a contract

If you decide for a building connection first, choose the tariff. Apart from Buinka, offer several savings banks.

In the year from the uloench pensions and in the year from the future raises on each other vertically. Remember that when you turn it on one side, the other side will lift.

If you want a lot of money and choose you at Wstenrot for three percent a year, you have to worry about the fact that if you have data on vr in the future, its rate will be 5.7 percent. If you sweat in front with a loan, it is better to choose only one percent, but then only 3.7 percent a year from the boil.

And 800 thousand crowns without collateral

And you will know the data, according to everything will be secured. You will certainly have a loan, even if you do not have a long-term guarantor, and you do not even have to take the property into a mortgage. In this respect, the most favorable Buinka has set a limit of 800 thousand crowns. Only when you want to drink vc, you have to shnt the guarantor.

On the other hand, Wstenrot is the most beautiful and related. That salary at that day. In vr peklenovacch, the savings bank will write especially to clients who give the loan immediately after concluding the contract. For example, Lika, full of new customers without a guarantor, will receive only one hundred thousand crowns.

Get to know the building blocks

The client does not take it for two years at the earliest, but it will be possible to go later, usually in five and six years.

The condition is all that: you need to save at least 40 percent of the tax and achieve a certain value-added indicator. He sets each savings bank and calculates differently. In principle, the salary, I have a pension in the building for a long time, this is an indicator of you.

Those who regularly, so get a claim later than the one who puts on the contract a high one-time deposit. The advantage of the year is that the rate is taxed in advance (you signed it when concluding the contract) and is unchanged at all times (there is no fixation as in mortgages). He preferred to be able to repay in advance at any time, without penalties.

Do not receive state support during the payment period. In order to do so, you will have to live for it, reconstruct the house, pay your partner from the apartment in case of divorce and the like.

You can apply for a building society about it as soon as the contract is concluded. Often you do not have to make your own deposit, other times you need an advance payment, for example 10 percent of the fee.

The entire amount of the acquired hellish heat will take years and at the same time you will reach the building connection so that you will have a claim to the bottom, incl. The length of the stump does not decrease all the time, you really meet and at the moment of “hitting” into the bottom of the boil.

At the time of hell, you are entitled to state support. Some types of infernal vr have a fixation similar to mortgages. Peklenovac vr usually cannot be repaid overdue. Its end can be accelerated by the fact that everything rests on the building joint and two there is a claim to the bottom, incl.

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