In Ireland, he had a salary for a fairy tale, because of the crisis he got a downfall. You are perka

Czech architect Filip Vaas sailed to Ireland six years ago with a backpack on the walls and a fresh university diploma in his pocket. He had one thousand euros in his penny. “It was possible to howl with a little caution about the MSC,” k. At that time there were spades of wages in Ireland, then saw the crisis.

“I was looking for work at a few months before I left, I was in contact with two staffing agencies, with one of which I had arranged an interview the very next day after the mm journey. They had contacts with a large company, which at that time was engaged by architects and builders, ”recalls Filip Vaas of his arrests in Ireland.

The agency prepared him for the interview so that he could do best. “It was up to them to get the job, they could collect the commission from the employer, and if I get on and work for you.” It came out on the first try and he received a salary that he could only keep in Czech.

Have you been employed until the week, did you think you were interested?
The work was not so difficult at that time, they needed someone quickly and they had a good experience with the people from the entrance to Europe, in the darkness where I started, there were several of them. In addition, the type of distance I had as an architect with a strong technical exchange suited them. I have a degree in architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at BUT, where a hunter has to deal with a large number of statics, building physics and the like.

How much did you, as an architect, start earning and how did you take it as echoes?
I started for 26 thousand euros gross, which is about 2170 msn (at that time about 60 thousand crowns). For the fresh graduate of them, the starting salary was not good. At the time, Ireland had one of the highest salaries in Europe. You should have around 150 thousand euros, in IT the starting salary was around 40 thousand euros, even for foreigners.

You started working for a prominent architectural firm on development projects. What did you do and how many people did you work?
At the arrest, I just pulled ry in secret, gradually I got into the darkness of about six people and divided their work. I went to a meeting with clients, oversaw the progress of the construction. Everything was very dynamic and there were a lot of people moving from project to project, I also tried a bit from everyone. The project I was working on, but never arrived at the construction site, was quite frustrating for me.

How do foreigners take on foreign workers?
I think English after those years for a relatively long time. If I did not give birth to speak, Irov know, of course. The dock itself can identify people from different counties, then foreigners, by sound. They make up about a tenth of the population, they are also very used to it. I have encountered signs of childhood and strangers here only very rarely. Such a thing is considered inadmissible and most of the population condemns such breeding.

Then the crisis saw, the real estate bubble burst, real estate prices fell sharply and you were at work. How are two work pads in Ireland? What did they say?
The parties don’t like to keep it. In many companies, employees like to cut their ties, not let one of them go. In the companies where I worked, they were dismissed for as long as they could. In the first wave, they invited employees to leave alone and offer tons of severance pay. Then u had to choose for themselves and step down. Among the first li those who did not work there long and young people without volumes. He worked in a series of waves, it was a severance pay only in the amount determined by the law, from the length of employment, people who were in the company for less than two years did not get anything.

What is your relationship with Ireland, ie where to live and what to do?
Ireland is not a cheap city to live in, but living here can be retired. At that time, we paid 900 euros per month (approximately 23 thousand crowns). But Manelka had stable work, so we had no problem getting out. Five with dis ml, but it was never about us just to fast.

How much unemployment benefit did you get and how does it work in Ireland when running a buckle?
The rules for paying support have changed a lot here in recent years, there were suddenly too many unemployed people and the government did not have a pension for that. J received support for 9 msc in the amount of years worked for about 200 euros a week (about 5,100 crowns). The pension is available in cash every week and once you have to come to the sign office.

Are you looking for a new job in your field?
The state of the labor market was desperate. When I got vpov, I decided not to look for a new job in the field. It was an impulse for me to devote myself to him, which has long haunted me. I wanted to create something that could be materialized, so I took the unpaid leave and enrolled in several Perk courses. On one of them, I met Erika Marks, a renowned Irish perkac who liked my creatures very much, and suggested that I start percaine professionally.

Today, he used to be an architect, but he hopes to keep his business. How is it going in Ireland, how fast can I become unemployed?
Pretty fast. Retraining and preparations took me about half a year, I did not register as a self-employed person. The councils support the unemployed who decide to start a business and for as long as they do not have the support to pay them, no matter how much they spend on businesses.

How many people do I have to work in Ireland and more and what do I have to buy, not start a business?
For the Czech Republic, who is an Irish resident, the rules are no different, they went exactly the same as for the Irish. In fact, it is incredibly simple, just fill out a single form of registration for income tax. Alternatively, go and have your business name entered, if different from the citizen’s name. In the case of marriage, it is a bit complicated, but the production of perks in Ireland is not marital.

V em is podnikn in Ireland jin ne u ns?
I have never done business in all of them, so the experience is only mediated. Probably a big difference will be in the amount that must be enforced and the obligation that must be fulfilled. In Ireland, business is very much based on two and good reputation. If you know each other, you will not cross without good recommendations.

Jac are irt ednci and berci, who are looking for income tax?
I haven’t had the time to meet them on TV, everything is going on for a long time. This financial ad knocks out every business entity once a year, and it will probably meet them. Every now and then ednk is miles and dream of helping. Only the hallmark gets on my nerves a bit, but it has a slightly different status, it is basically a private company with a guaranteed monopoly, I can also afford to be uncomfortable.

Have you met with any sign of it, put something aside, won’t you have to sweat with them?
No, nowhere and I’ve never heard of him like that.

D with perkainou uivit? Vyn to vc, not bt employed and work as an architect?
I have only been in business for two years, I am still building a brand and it carries a well-known investment. Everything I make, I return to business. There are two international trade fairs, Showcase in Dublin and Inhorgenta in Munich. It will be very expensive, but it is essential for the exhibition of quality customers.


Nhrdelnk ze stbra a epoxidu


Manet buttons made of aluminum and steel


Geometric composition doke bt nadasov

Your perks are geometric and colorful, why do people buy them?
Rzn. Many of them are people from the creative field of architects, graphite designers and the like, but not exclusive. Many of my customers are people over the age of 40, they have seen and lived a lot, so returning trends do not take them so much, they look for something that is different, but at the same time simple and elegant. Ct, that geometric composition can be found. As much as you would appreciate that the perk is made of small and rune.

Are you also a good businessman? How many times did you sell some of your perks for?
I had to learn a lot, but I could take the business as professionally as possible, and the Crafts Council of Ireland, a government organization working to support craftsmanship and design, helped me a lot. I am mainly engaged in the production of collections, it is a small series run of production, the prices for the end of the order then usually range from 50 to 500 euros. I will also make something to order, the most expensive was probably a set of wedding rings made of platinum worth several thousand euros.

Ireland is prov patn asy, mluv se o krizi, zruen eura a titn nrodn mny. How do you know about this in Ireland?
The Irish never remember that it could be h. They want to be positive and not think about problems, so sometimes close them in front of them. I don’t think about the back drill, most people didn’t have a bottom-up option “if anything” before the crisis. They took huge mortgages, car kills and the like. Now they know that it was not right, but they blamed the political representation and the banks for not warning them.

Here, the crisis will not be an easy way out, but try to be positive and it will be better. I don’t feel that there is any fear between them. On the contrary, strong consumerism has grown up in them, looking for what to spend your pension on, whether the product is imported or manufactured in Ireland.

Are you afraid that a wave of the crisis could bring your Perk business to its knees and even destroy it?
I don’t think of anything like that. Most merchants are now very careful and buy only in smaller quantities, but in the end customers are more concerned about the value they receive for their pension. It is interesting who and where produced everything, they are interested in products with pbhem, they are tired of trinkets for rent. This is a small series perk from the hands of designer dv.

Did you bother to come home?
I’ve been thinking about it regularly since I drank. My wife and I filled the school in detail in the Czech Republic in detail, and then in the end we always break it down for some reason.

What did life abroad learn and se se snate dit?
If nothing is free and if I want to achieve it, I have to go for it. I can’t wait and someone notices, I have to be active, otherwise I won’t get anywhere.

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