In case of accidents abroad, do not sign anything, do not understand emu. It’s a track

Do not go abroad by car, ask for information at least about the basic facts of the country. It is not possible to go to police accidents and not to apply the European Accident Report. In addition, the damage must always be compensated according to the first place where the car accident occurred.

If you crash your car and motorcycle abroad, avoid that all kinds of people manipulate into circumstances that will be unfavorable for everyone. This has recently been done according to the experience of liquidators of domestic couples in Italy.

“The seemingly unequivocal accident is often there in Czech, where the unequivocal damage is suddenly affected by many witness statements in the fault of the accident,” said Kateina Bl of Wstenrot. Therefore, in the event of a car accident, ensure that you have as much of your own witnesses and contact details as possible.

You don’t always have to get through the police

One of the other principles is to insist on the police going to accidents. But you don’t always have to prove it. In some European countries, these only lead to accidents with injuries, even with large material codes. On the other hand, according to Milan Kni from Kooperativa, there is a place where the police always have to bark. Such a country is, for example, Romania, where the original police report is a necessary document when applying the code to the insurer.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. You should have it stored on your mobile phone before you go abroad. It is not just a matter of recording the code of the connection. Opertoi assistance services should make the whole situation as easy as possible. They communicate in telephone on the phone line and can provide them with basic practical information on how to proceed.

Depending on the variant of your insurance and the agreed assistance services, they may then be able to help you with some other necessary steps, such as repairing the car on the spot, sweeping and towing the vehicle. If you do not want to contact your insurer or the assistance service from any of the pins, you can contact the national office of the country where the traffic accident occurred, according to the Czech office of the insurer (KP). Its address, telephone and fax numbers can be found on the Office Board’s website.

Don’t forget the accident report form

As with us, it is worthwhile for you to have a European Accident Report form in your car (you can print it out here).

If this document is available in Latin and other accident participants in other languages, complete it in both Latin and another available language. According to the information from the KP, the contents are the same formula. Before separating the original from the copy, it is important not only to sign the form, but also to check the filled in points for accidents and enter the number of filled in points.

It is twice as high for accidents that the police will not bark on. You can’t rely on this form either, because the selected country does not accept it. “Therefore, always get acquainted with the basic rules of the country you want to travel to by car,” recommends Ka. In most cases, this information is also available on the websites of some organizations, such as the central car club AMK (tourist information can be found here).

He will document the accident in the city and take pictures

Ideally, both a camera and a mobile phone, which is equipped with a camera, are available in the car. Thanks to that, you can submit your own photo documentation of the accident as soon as possible after the accident. Shoot not only the city where the collision occurred, but also the whole situation, ie all the workers after the accident. Don’t forget to look at the pictures, where you will see the detailed extent of damage to wall vehicles over time. Create a simple filling of the accident city.

Both participants in the accident must exchange their identified data. This means the name, address and address of the car owner and the vehicle. Write down the car’s registration plate (license plate), its serial number, color and information to the vehicle insurer, including the green card, the name and address of the insurer and the number of the insurance contract.

I am driving a car accident abroad, experts in the connection industry recommend writing with other participants in the state stating that the day of the accident was not injured in the accident. “We will still encounter cases where foreigners are subsequently affected by the application of the health code,” points out Kateina Krsov from the Direct company.

In etin you state your own accident report

And if you write a report of accidents to the police or fill out a report of accidents with other participants in the accident, in which case do not sign anything, do not understand them, or when the content of the document is incomprehensible to everyone. You should sign anything as long as you understand it and agree with the text. You can always include your own accident report in the report.

According to the majority of domestic caravans, most foreign car crashes are held at the nearest neighbors. In addition, esk pojiovna registered 4,800 accidents in Germany alone. According to the number of accidents, Slovakia was followed by 1,628 cases and 1,469 accidents by Austria, followed by Italy, Poland and France.

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