If you lose your passport abroad, enter a new one. idik vm nesta

Dream holidays abroad can change into the worst lifetime. In addition to sudden illness, he often blamed for the loss of documents and pensions. Most people carry all personal documents, including pensions and credit cards together, and then just a moment of inattention and they are in trouble.

As soon as you detect a lost passport, report it to the local police. I have to issue a confirmation.

Then submit enough about the issuance of a new travel document to the embassy of the Czech Republic in the city of holidays. If you are in a country where the Czech Republic has a representative office, you can contact the representation of any other member state of the European Union and apply for the issuance of an EU travel document.

At the council you can file enough to issue a passport or passport. Employees of the series will want two identical photos and a document to prove their integrity and legal personality. If you will not be able to present it, it will be enough for them to issue a travel order for the purpose of issuing a travel order, for example, in a related and valid document.

When you return home soon, you will receive a travel order or a travel document. It primarily serves for return to the Czech Republic, is limited by time. The council will issue travel orders as soon as possible, and will pay the next day and collect a fee of 400 crowns.

If you require the issuance of a passport, be prepared to pay a 1,600 crowns and pay for it for about 30 days. enough is sent from the council to the Czech Republic, where the passport is issued and sent back.

With the requested document, I am a travel agent

Of course, you don’t always have a stone’s throw to the embassy. If you are going to spend a holiday arranged by a travel agent in one of the Czech destinations, for example in Corfu, you do not have to obtain travel documents in Atnch yourself.

The situation in the case of a delegated travel agency. In case of loss of the document, turn to him. The delegate has contacts at the consular department and is responsible for taking care of the issued travel document.

If you have a travel insurance, we will recommend an assistance service. Most binders lose or steal a document in some way, sometimes they pay the costs associated with the issuance of the document, sometimes the way, badly on the product.

“In a situation where the client takes a vacation away from the council, he assists the service according to the local authorities. Either the transport of the client for consultation and back to the city of residence or with the consultation arrangements for the delivery of photographs and other documents without the client. We most often do this through our local representative, who secures the courier, ”explains Jana Jekov, head of the Europ Assistance center.

Pijt mete i o idik a obanku

Many of them travel to the countries of the European Union only on civil order. If you find that you do not have it, contact the nearest police station again and report the loss. Even in this case, make a report with the shelf, which you submit to the council and file for the issuance of a travel order. You have a new ID card at home.

By losing or stealing your ID card, you run the risk of a fine being imposed on you by the police. It is therefore advisable to report to the local police department that you drank one. In case the police will check the vs, you will check with the protocol, which will be with you at the station. Also, be prepared for the fact that not all police officers will accept him. Then u will only depend on viness.

You will have a pension from home in a few minutes

If you lose cash and do not have a credit card or someone to set up with you, you have one option. Submit a relative and acquaintance to send you a pension from home. All you have to do is go to any branch of Western Union (located in many cities throughout the country, in travel agencies, in the directions), where you fill in the form, state your name and the branch of Western Union abroad, where you can get your pension. He also paid a pension and paid a fee. For example, for sending 15 thousand crowns, you will pay 1,150 crowns, and for sending 25 thousand crowns, it will be 1,250 crowns.

The employee of the Western Union will receive a checklist of the transfer, which will be communicated to you. You can only pick up a pension within a few minutes of sending it to the city you have agreed upon. Employees must prove their identity. If you do not have it, arrange a password with the sender of the pension, which will be used to transfer the pension.

If you lose your credit card, contact your bank immediately to block your card. You do not pay the blocking fee for this day.

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