If you hurt a dog, you have to pay for his flax and not just a repair

According to the current civil law, only everything invites them. From January, according to the new civil law, he will become a living creature. U will not throw him away, leave the child in hiding.

In the case of a dog, there is this creature, which is fixed on its stump and it could be caused by damage, which is incompatible with its nature as a living creature (unlike, for example, a number of cows and flocks of hens for farming).

Even so, some rules for things apply to them, but only to the extent that it does not contradict its nature. So you can trade with the animal or get it from tulku.

At the same time, it is assumed that when an invitation is found, for which it is obvious that he had his stump, this invitation cannot be kept, but it is necessary to turn it on again.

Injured invites will not “fix”

If there is an invitation for breeding (for example, a dog), which no one will report to the owner, get it into the ownership of the finder, and if it does not matter, the village will shine a tulku, which will give it to the new owner, if nobody signed up for it in those mscs (today it is possible and after 6 mscch).

Due to the fact that he is also invited by the creature, the rules for reimbursing the code in the event of his injury change. If he will not pay it, you will only pay it as a “repair of things”, its costs must not exceed the value of things, but the new ones will pay the costs incurred in connection with the members of the injured party. These costs can also significantly increase the price of the invitation.

Pklad:Mr. Adam and his wife Pajda are already ten years old, they are used to each other. “When years ago, an unoccupied pit bull attacked her without a muzzle and bit her, I was afraid I would go,” Adam recalled. At that time, he left a lot of pensions with the vet to save him. The bag received pr crowns from the owner of the unruly pit bull. He got Pajda for free from tulku, so according to the end of the day, it was not worth the price.

What could be unclear?

Who is responsible for the code caused by the sentence? Such a code must be replaced by the owner, and he is under surveillance, or he has wandered in and escaped.

In the event of an invitation, which is used for the performance of a permit, for a living and as an aid for a person with a disability, liability may be released if the owner invites the person who has not neglected the supervision of the animal. If the owner of the light invites another person, the castle, this person the code caused by the light is shared and not divided with his owner.

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