If you do not submit a tax return, you will pay 10%

The last week of the week does not have the popularity of citizens, or the last opportunity to read the income tax for the past year. This is no different this year, and a large number of people, for various reasons, have given up at the last minute. How many crowns will be paid by your tax obligations?

This comment does not change the methodology of the payment of personal income taxes, but the way of communication with the tax administrator, the possibility to postpone the deadline with the tax return and thus the possible sanctions resulting from the non-fulfillment of tax obligations.

In the general legislative level, it is valid that the tax return can be submitted within three months after the expiration of the tax period. Due to the fact that the tax period for small fees is toton with a calendar year, so we can easily add the end of the ordinary. This year is somewhat special from this point of view, or the last day without falls on Saturday. This is not a working day, and so the deadline for tax returns is postponed until Monday, April 2 (including).

The deadline can most often be postponed thanks to the tax advisor

This period is in principle binding for all fees, with the exception of those who, by April 2, 2007, do not include any of the following first addresses addressed to the tax authorities:

  • The taxpayer is given a power of attorney for a representative fee by a tax advisor or lawyer
  • Poplatnk zeme a podv je za nj prvn nstupce
  • Fee for various reasons for extended deadlines

The deadlines are now extended to the following options:
The most common form is to postpone the term of a tax return by three months (until the end of June and this year and until 2.7) on the basis of the submission of a power of attorney to a lawyer and a tax advisor. Here I would like to add clearly that it is necessary for the administrator to give this power of attorney no later than 2.4. 2007 pedloit. Any failure to submit this power of attorney in the final term is considered a non-tax return and the taxpayer will be allowed to take sanctions, which I will enforce later.

Therefore, if you currently read that you will not be able to get financially with your tax return, we recommend that you contact the tax advisor and the lawyer, who will support this power of attorney.

In the case of a dead taxpayer, who also did not manage to file a tax return, the following facts must be taken into account. Tax pays for him under the first successor and must do so no later than six months after the dead tax.

If we are dedicated to the deadline for tax returns, then there is an institute enough to extend the deadlines for tax returns. The negative side of this option is the need to pay the correct fee of 300 K, the need for drainage and the uncertainty of rejection by the tax administrator. Finann ad me extend this period by ti msce. Only for taxpayers with income from abroad, this period can be extended until the end of June for a similar fee. But again, in case of days enough and paid the right fee.

The tax is due within the time limit for the tax return

In addition to the obligation to file a tax return on the due date, taxpayers must also think about the tax you have paid. Those who have the deadline of 2.4. Must pay the tax by this date at the latest. In the case of an authorized tax advisor and lawyer by 2.7. 2007

The tax is paid to the number of local tax administrators in whose district the taxpayer can live. In other words, income tax is paid to others in Prague, Pilsen, etc. The easiest way is to pick up an information card at the financial office with the message here. It will not be surprising that this case is kept at the NB. Apart from the first one, the taxpayer must keep in mind the need to fill in a variable symbol, which is nothing but the native number of the taxpayer without a slash. Without the first variable symbol, F will consider your tax unpaid, so pay close attention to this (especially in time transfer, probably on the second Monday).

As I changed, it is necessary to pay in lht for the company. For those who have a deadline of April 2, this day is also paid tax in terms of ibenin. Taxpayers have the following basic options:

  • In cash at the box office of the tax manager
  • Bank transfer from here fee
  • Receipt with type A voucher

Some of these methods must therefore be performed on Monday 2.4. As for the bank transfer, it is necessary to ensure that the pensions are deducted in favor of the financial series no later than this day. There is probably no need to comment anything on cash methods.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

The method of business, for the latecomers is probably the introduction of the classic forms

Probably the most common form is to pick up the form first from the tax administrator and fill it out. Lovers of informatics can download the form from the Fincentra.cz website, but you can download the form from the website of the Ministry of Finance and fill it out. The fittest can do so by means of an electronic signature. It does not make sense to go into the depth of individual possibilities, but it is necessary to emphasize that the form must take the form of 2006 – not the previous year.

Nesplnte their povinnosti – monost zvit da a rok z prodlen

The ideal case, which can be recommended, is to file a certificate in the final period and pay it in that period. If the taxpayer does not do this and at the same time does not even use the final option to extend this period (change in the water comments), he risks the following sanctions:

In case of non-compliance with the tax return, the administrator can punish the tax by increasing the tax by 10%. I emphasize the word ‘me’, which is also not a categorical sanction.

If someone does not pay the tax for various reasons and does not pay for various reasons, then they start jumping for years of delay. These are, of course, only secret until they are paid, and the one-year delay rate is set at the repo rate announced by the NB, increased by 14 percentage points. The worst option is, of course, non-tax credit and unpaid tax.

The deadline for tax returns is followed by deadlines for social and health insurance

Hand in hand with the tax return are also the obligations regarding the overview of the District Administration of Social Security and Health Insurance. Therefore, if the fee is secured in some way by an extended period, it will not be delayed not only by the tax administrator, but also by these institutions (it is necessary to notify them of this fact). If someone does not submit a DP, however young, then they also acquire the obligation to see these bodies and get into trouble here as well.

Probably the easiest way for all orthodox latecomers is to finally support the extension of the term of the authorized tax advisor. Even here, however, you will not forget this power of attorney no later than 2.4. and financial ad.

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