I tried the energy auction. I had a handle, I will save 3.5 thousand

He asks about how to save pensions, and how to do it: “metal mare…” This year I said that I should do something with my electricity. I stopped by the energy auction. It turned out that we will save 3,500 crowns.

Just as the hunter was not ashamed to bargain, I called my supplier and indicated that I was considering moving to competition at current energy prices. I expected the operator’s brick reaction and a discount of at least 10 percent of the 21,000 crowns I paid for electricity last year. Nothing like that happened.

Slena, on the other hand, recommended a tariff for which I will pay electronically and charge 500 crowns a year. Ptistovka is not on the street, but she felt that the benefit I would contract would be significant.

Learn d vc i in the normal tariff

So I sat down on the internet and tried to compare prices with other companies. And lo and behold, it seems that my dispute could be 2,000 crowns a year with a collection of two years.

No, I started to have fun with the change, it ruined my path of information about the energy auction. Kamard changed that there was such a first time in them. That’s the code, eu ns can’t do anything like that in the village, I thought, and out of curiosity I picked up the phone. Advice on how to organize the auction. It was simple, I didn’t think so. I just signed up like that. It’s mon, even though I live about 60 kilometers elsewhere. The auction is for the client and it doesn’t matter where they come from. The fact that the event is announced by the municipality is the result of its efforts to reduce the price of regular payments to the inhabitants.

Ask about the conditions

Because I did not have a fixed-term contract with my energy supplier, I was able to enter the auction. ast was free. The only condition: when the broker negotiates a discount of less than 500 crowns, I have to accept the offer, otherwise I will pay a penle.

It is, of course, a certain risk that I could have borne the questionnaire more simply by changing the tariff. But on the other hand, you are in the auction to dispute you. Probably in me the laziness of anything else (administrative service is connected with the auction) and the desire to gamble a bit increased.

To be on the safe side, I found out how safe it was not to have to sign a contract with fraudsters. For the supplier, the condition for entering the auction is that the contract with the new company will not be for less than two years (which is basically the standard today) and must not contain hidden fees or unreasonable sanctions. So I signed a power of attorney for the company e-center, which submitted the auction. Then there were things outside of someone: someone somewhere bought a pack of hundreds of households and the energy supplier competed for it at auction. The one who announced the lowest prize increased.

Vydlala, i prodlala?

After msci and pl I saw the result. Uetm ti a pl tisce. Seventeen percent of what I’ve paid for energy so far. In the e-mail, where they announced this joyful news to me, it was written “licky”, e uetm 7,000 crowns, but they only settled for two future years to make it look better. Intermediary company for me under the notice, I will deliver to the signing of a new contract, after the change of SIPO. The new contract is for an indefinite period (with tmsn due notice), the price mm guaranteed until the end of 2015. Mm happy and I sign.

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For pr dn m smv a little peel. I noticed EZ offers for a new fixed tariff. Seven to the Internet and re-enter all consumption data into the calculator. The result tells me that I could save 20 percent of the current price. I panic that I probably passed. When I compare the prices per kilowatt hour, the auction price is more appropriate. Uf.

My only thought is that the EZ website flashes informative information that, as their customer, I would be entitled to an assistance service in the event of a household failure. I plead to go once with a new contract and rejoice a second time: even here, the assistance service has no limits, but the passage of craftsmanship will be reimbursed and the repair will probably not cost more than 3,000 crowns.

Not always like this. If you do not opt ​​for a fallen auction, it is good to think not only about the benefits, but also all the risks.


  • The possibility of a significant reduction in the price of electricity and gas.
  • You can’t accept the bid from the auction when you don’t.
  • You do not have to give the administrative service by the auction organizer, look for dates, pay for SIPO…


  • Do not know in advance who will win the auction and how their business conditions are if the auction is not set in time, you run the risk that the terms of the contract will set a fee of 5,000 crowns for sending reminders.
  • If you decide not to accept the bid from the auction, even if it would lead to a dispute, you must cover the penalty fee. You are at the eCentre 9 percent of your consumption.
  • When an incompetent company that promised blue from the sky but does not live up to its promise and goes bankrupt wins, you don’t have to worry about being without power. According to the Energy Regulatory Board, the supplier of last resort then automatically starts the one who is in charge of the distribution (either EZ, E. ON, and PRE). It will supply you with energy for 90 days, in the meantime you have the opportunity to choose a new provider.
  • Contract expires and what dl? If it is closed for an indefinite period, nothing happens. But if you are for two years, you have to look ahead if the supplier does not strive for the vs (and it is not very likely), it could happen that after two years you will be without power.

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