I stumbled for a good time and didn’t see it for a long time

Lucie Erin Latvkov produces a meter with original prints for designers and for ladies who want to have unexplored items, accessories or household. She succeeded not only in the customers, but also won the regional round of the Rozjezdy competition.

She probably inherited her love of the textile industry. Her grandmother had a children’s shop during the First Republic, her mother was dressed for the whole family. Lucie learned to ride a bicycle on an old catcher. So the choice of the middle round was clear, she studied the design.

I always enjoyed textiles, I like how much it matters, how much about what we wear. I can take a simple label and deliver it a little extra, and it is a print on the label or a finished product, l.

Today, he makes clothes under his Black mountain emblem and even makes his own daisies. As she herself, she wants to raise the idea of ​​textile materials to something more. On the web I have the slogan We are created to create.

The slogan is not just about us as the creators, we know ourselves as creative intermediaries between talented graphic artists, great printers and people who give our bright final shape to our customers, to the businesswoman Lucie Erin Latvkov.

How did it even occur to make your own designs for the fabric? Not on the market got vbr?
As if the hunter sometimes tripped over a good idea, well, she tripped over it for a long time and didn’t see it (smch). I have the character of the original Black Mountain women’s clothing, which I have a bird for a long time. Don’t even know how many mistakes in the originality offers. When you want something different, but nice, stylish, something that will be interesting, but it won’t be everywhere, it’s almost impossible to find it. I also didn’t have to make any tricks.

Where do you make calves?
We don’t want to print most of them in the Czech Republic and we are very happy about that. The idea of ​​regional or esk production is very close to me and makes two sense to me in many ways. Bohuel, however, cannot be realized in all of them, so we turn abroad with some orders. Within the EU, we have tested a good printer that I can do. The printing itself is a very cheerful matter, because only the choice of material and printer for the given design gives the parties too much. We are now printing you on cork, softshell and other substances.

How long did it take from the idea to sell the first meter of litka?
I remember the first thought in this direction about two years ago. But it was a long time from the idea to realization in ns. Manel and I had a long discussion, reconciled my thoughts and the whole vision, and tried to find the right path. Last year, at the end of July, we founded a company that was such a starter of sharp preparations. The arrests were not easy in many respects, right with the first employee we had to bump our noses, everything lasted according to, we did not dream and it cost more money. Several times we had to increase the budget unfulfilled, but still stay within the limits of our own disputes, which was important to us.

I should probably add to that, even though my son Tomek was half a year old and I had to make up most of the work while he was sleeping and he was sleeping a little. (smch) That time was both beautiful and hectic. But I learned to work much better with my time, to think about the one with Tom and Smanel, and the working one.

You have launched an e-shop in Nora. Weren’t you sure you wouldn’t have any customers? The furnace is such a great supply of ready-made clothing.
We were, what will happen, will it be eaten? But after the first week we didn’t have time to pack orders. Natst ic machines hls velk nvrat. (smch) Today it is not lived, because it would have to be for lack, but for joy, for originality, for creation. It says, it’s just dressed, it’s just a little thing. But it’s what everyone will see on us, what it will affect, how they will perceive us and how we will impress. In addition, the clothes also affect us, our self-confidence, our mood, how we will have the day.

Today u vs this business uiv?
Zatm uiv nae two employees. The company generates sales, but is in development, just buy poten materials and where he put the printing cost was not enough, so the evening goes straight to the cost.

You have won Rozjezdy Libereckského kraje. What does vs spch in contest mean?
spch in contest for ns was a turning point. Although we know the company ‘s misconceptions, it was early to find out that the experts from whom the jury consisted. It was a great support at a time when we needed it very much.

m you are interested in customers?
The customer, I hope, was fascinated by the possibility of new, beautiful and unseen patterns. But most of all, I hope that they honor and perceive our hope for everything, that we dream of sticking together and responding to their stimuli.

For example, when we started, we considered how to pack flakes, in the end the package won nicely, but his bite was not plastic. Soon and the customers said that we do not want to produce so much waste, that we want some better and more environmentally friendly and we pack a new one only with paper labels, which can be removed like a meter after removing from the label. They are small things, but they make you a whole.

Is it your ambition to sell to the world?
Getting into the world would be great. But now we stand firmly on the ground and dream of finding our place here in the Czech Republic. We want to show off beyond the borders, just in time. (smch)

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