I have problems with English. Patte between b deuces?

Let’s meet dreams on boxes from cosmetics, we hear it on ndra and in advertisements. English is the source of life so much that many people feel that they speak a little English. Ninety percent of people who apply for positions with English have a huge problem with their tongue.

If I were to receive a crown of case when I hear from the candidate that I understand English, but I can’t speak fully, I’m rich, Eshopist Pavlna Zbojnkov from Online People said at her conference in Brno on Monday. The HR specialist, who hunts for her clients the best adepts from the field of e-commerce and online marketing, thus found that most candidates do not even achieve B2 knowledge.

At this level, people understand most people who are dealing with the current problems at first, they will listen to the front, they will be able to defend their opinion. At work, they manage everyday communication in English, either in writing or by telephone.

This makes it one of the most popular in the labor market. They are far from just salespeople, but they also require her for positions in information technology, customs and service fields. The latest employer in advertisements is looking for this knowledge among designers, school bike editors, receptions, assistants, elements, ethnic, quality engineers, graphic artists, laboratory leaders, HR professionals, auditors and other professions.

Ninety percent of the people who apply to positions where the language is needed have a huge problem with English. All generations, not only middle and old, but also the young, should work on it, said Pavlna Zbojnkov at the conference.

Proof of this is the experience of Czech languages, in which people come, their language skills are about that, but two times less, not the employer usually require. At the arrest of the course, we always test our students so that we can divide them into groups. From these entrance tests we assume that the level of most students in company courses is around A2, the second most frequent level is then followed by B1, says Marie Jelnek, the main methodology of the Skivnek round languages.

Adept with the same A2 can understand simple texts or short personal letters, he will be familiar with the English written diary or driving distance. He can handle a simple social conversation, but I don’t understand going so far as to be able to strike up a discussion.

Company rate pay

In the languages ​​of the round, there are two most numerous groups of clients. Employees who are new in the form of a change of job position or involved in an international project. So you need a city for me, so you need to move your language skills to the level, explains Martin Borl from James Cook Languages.

The second group are people who are fluent in the language of the required language, but because they do not teach it so often at work, you need the training to keep it and to improve your skills. Company courses have two advantages. On the one hand, they are often used by the financial and employer, and on the other hand, the course of education is mostly so-called at work. Take the client zskv i as.

If a student terminates his / her studies in a company course, there will be a very small percentage of cases. However, if a situation arises where the student is unable to attend classes due to a large workload, he will automatically offer the possibility of individual lessons or online training with the help of Skype and Webex platforms, to Marie Jelnek. Pesto salary, no less language, the importance of the teacher.

Mobile msto forget

Correcting mistakes and proverbs, the opportunity to ask questions, but also to hear the praise that a foreign language goes, opens the best way for students to improve. However, because most of us do not move in a foreign language environment, it is not possible to rely only on teaching with a lecturer. Everyone who wants to learn a foreign language at a time needs and gives suggestions. Listening to the radio, watching a film and newspapers and books in a foreign language is the best way to effectively improve and learn to use a foreign language naturally, offers Martin Borl.

One of the possibilities is a mobile application, thanks to which the student hears the language daily. The advantage of such a mobile education is that it can practice words systematically, freely, but mainly always and at all. We recommend the application of bn v in the language rounds to both students and lecturers to diversify their teachings. Of course, there are students who also learn the language through applications, but they are especially named, Marie Jelnek.

There are plates on the market. Their quality bag kols. In the languages ​​of the Euphrates round, for example, Raymond Murphy. I recommend English Grammar in Use. The application provides an overview of grammar. The basic phenomena are explained here, which are supplemented by exercises. In addition, Raymond Murphy is something of a guru on English grammar textbooks, to be cola editor Dana Bureov.

And for students it is preferable to practice the cutter or time, the longest thing is to turn on the application as often as possible. Regularity is repeated and repeated. For example, set yourself the goal of learning one new word a day and at the same time you can use it in practice, offer Marie Jelnek.

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