I go to black and many pennies. And then it’s just a step towards execution

Execution for an apartment and a debt a thousand times the price of a ticket resulted from a “bill” of ten crowns per metro ticket. tenka iDNES.cz was affected by the fall of his friend, who not only did not pay the fine, but also ignored the following reminders.

“Just a few years ago, the auditor caught when he was driving in Prague illegally, he got used to the payment of fines, he did not react or he gave reminders,” said Jan tenka. She found out about his trial, and when the house was notified of his foreclosure, he was asked to pay several thousand thousand crowns within 14 days.

“We didn’t have that many pensions, so he had to go drink. When he did not go to the bank, he got a loan, but for a very high year, with a non-banking company. The original length of the line was thus increased, so Jana complained.

When you go in Prague illegally and catch the vs auditor, you must pay a fine of 950 crowns in addition to the ticket. Last year, less than half of the caught ernch pasar proceeded.

If you are among the remaining 104 thousand people who did not pay the fine, prepare for the fact that more than 950 crowns will be collected by the collection company. “If the black passenger does not pay the fine in the cash surcharges within fifteen days from the date of the inspection, the receivables will be collected by Tessile ditta,” said Ilona Vysoudilov, spokesman for the Transport Company.

When contact pokutu nav

The collection company has not paid the fine during the first year. Dlunkyupomn in writing and by phone. mrn with time and sweat contact grows even in debt. Inquire within n years of delayed costs for reminders.

Dal step by step in the recovery of receivables is also filed after several months have passed since the inspection.

“In the event that the long-term penalty does not pay even within six months, the Transport Company receivables the Tessile ditta sale,” explains Vysoudilov. “The transport company will thus sell the waste that is due to it, ie the entire value of the receivable, into which the value of the rider and the projector will be reflected.”

The collection company has since become the owner of black passages who have not responded to reminders for the previous year. Dlunky informs by letter, resp. notice of assigned receivables. For the first time, the receivable carries it at its own expense.

Information on the next steps, methods, frequency of contact with the editorial staff could not be obtained even after several attempts. The collection company Tessile ditta refused to cooperate and to say anything.

However, it is quite clear that the length of the debt increases to a certain extent as the number of court proceedings used to replace it. As in the case of a thin bird, it will reach several times the original length of the debt, including the possible execution of the property.

Keep proof of payment of the fine

Even though you pay the fine, for which the auditor, the employee of the cashier’s surcharges, pays us before confirming, we can assume that our debt will be recovered according to. With this experience, the editorial office was approached by someone who, after a year after paying the fine, was called upon to appear in court first because of his unpaid payment.

Given that he still had the necessary document, it was just a formality in court. Even if the paid fine cannot be proved, nothing is lost, as my time and administrative burden are proving.

“Records of paid progress in surcharges at the box office with the help of computer technology and the passenger immediately receives confirmation of payment. At the same time, the payment is automatically recorded in the database and thus there must be no duplication or non-registration of the payment, ”explains Vysoudilov.

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