I buy ebus, Prci and Kauuk. How the Game of Shares was born in the 1990s

Nineteen years brought a number of business ideas that look a little exotic from this point of view. One of them was a table game for shares, a clone of the famous Monopoly. At that time, sales representatives went to Czech companies, who asked for 150 thousand for the placement of logos in the starting project. And in the end they succeeded.

In He o shares, they could certainly try to buy shares of individual companies, get divinents, or even bankruptcy and loss. And in order to gain control over companies, they not only had to issue pensions, but thus demonstrate business knowledge.

Companies had to pay polka

The play for events is originally from a widow, with the idea of ​​making a Czech version by a former employee of the South Wolker Theater and a collaborator of Karel Richter.

A colleague once fled to the north of Europe and when he was back after the revolution, he approached me and asked me if we could help him get this game to the Czech market, remembered today it was an actor for 88 years. It was written in 1994 or 1995, with the exception of Karel Richter.

Originally, they had a full type of board games, but the day he failed to get to market.

Karel Richter was retired at the time, bored, and so he was distracted. His contribution was that he went around the businesses that existed at the time and offered them half as much as their pensions, in short, such a form of advertising. The creators wanted to bring the game as close as possible to people and the real life of that time, so there really had to be existing companies on the game board.

No much drag, but interesting experience

At first I thought that it was going smoothly, but it turned out that it was not so easy, Karel Richter recalls his activity. One half was sold for 150 thousand crowns, which was not very small.

I spent a lot of time contacting the company, but it was behind the wheel when I went to meetings. Although I was like a former actor, he was quite out, if it didn’t help me in the sales process, he remembers the retiree and added that the main problems were two. Getting to the right and responsible people, and of course the ones that the door to the company just couldn’t open.

But everything was not so ern. For example, this is how I met the then editor of the manufacturer above Narex in esk Lp. We had a nice chat, I couldn’t sell half, but – as a source – I got a lot of spare debts on the drill, laughs Karel Richter.

In the end, he sold polka to companies, companies such as Paints and Varnishes or Kauuk, and earned 12 thousand crowns. tyi tisce was a commission for one sold polko. The other sellers were mon spnj. The game could hit the market at the moment when all the polka was sold. And it worked out, for Karel Richter.

You could buy the game in stores that had a similar assortment, ie the most frequent bookstores and gamers. In a certain amount, it was given to a limited number of companies.

The game of shares is not the only clone of the famous Monopoly, which in the 80s and 90s in the Czech Republic, respectively. Czechoslovakia. The most famous are, of course, Horse Racing and Skiing (memories of the author of the game are here). From the financial world comes, for example, a game published in 1989 by esk sttn pojiovna.

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