I ask who I meet, if I don’t know anything, about Nikol

Nikol Markov graduated from the Business Academy in 2010. She started working first and after a year, but even here only for a while. To this day, the bottom of the work. I can’t see her much in the Czech Republic, so she starts thinking about working abroad.

Did you just study business academy for?
Did you know at the age of fifteen what you want to do in the future? So J didn’t have the slightest tuen. Choosing a middle bike was really a lot for me, all I knew was that I didn’t want to go to school, not even to the gym. The Business Academy was such the most universal opportunity for me, moreover, I was convinced that I would find this round applied in practice.

A nala?
I got my first job and less than a year after graduation. And I drank kn like a blind man to the violin. At that time, I was taking a German language course and I sat next to me for many miles. So I thought I wouldn’t do anything to try, and I asked him if he knew anything about it. To my surprise, she said that a new auxiliary city will be created in the company. In the end, I really took up the city, but I was only there for a year and seven MSc.

Are you left?
I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me. From the position of an assistant, I did it for personal reasons, which I would not like to mention in public, it was a very aggravated situation, which could not be resolved otherwise than by leaving. It was really the unclear first job that anyone can ask for me, I still regret that it must have turned out like this, but there was really no other entrance.

What happened next?
Well, basically, I dare to march from er to blu ever since. I always work for one and two months, I still don’t have a job.

How do you explain that they didn’t want to leave it anywhere yet? Did they say that, did they justify it?
It was an accident. Or bad luck? When I worked as an administrative worker in a company, the supplier literally bombarded us with e-mails and phone calls when we paid them. Gradually, I learned that the company does not pay some of its employees. Then he even drank a letter from a staple with a splinter calendar on a relatively high debt. In addition, I learned that the same people started a company with a similar business entity. So I like to go so that I don’t have to deal with a situation where I don’t get paid. Then I worked a back office in a large international company. They fired me after a month and because they probably spent how many people would need on a new project. They took our seventy and gradually fired us. And when I worked as a salesman for a wall of clothes in a shoe store, it went bankrupt.

Pomh vm njak ad prce?
ad prce started to help in December 2013, when I couldn’t find anything for a long time. They put me in a promising project, during which I completed an interview for an assistant to the real estate agency. When they called me from Real Estate before Christmas, they were happy like fleas. Only then it turned out that there is too much practice. The project involved only candidates with experience of up to 24 msc, and I recruited it to 25, because it is necessary to start a msc.

Did you try to get into another project?
Yes. The project for the unemployed under thirty years looked promising. But later I found out that there are candidates who have been on the bike for a maximum of two years and I have been on the bike for three years. However, I just called to work and told me that in a project of up to 30 years, it is not necessary to meet the condition of being from the wheel for a maximum of two years. If I do not know, I can live, once so, the second time differently, but every day offers a job through a series of jobs.

Hledte prci i sama?
Lest no, I ask who I meet if I don’t know about anything. I respond to offers on the Internet. I will send CVs to companies that do not advertise the bottom position. I don’t even know how many companies I contacted. One hundred and fifty, two hundred? Mon i vc. In just the last two months, I have responded to 84 positions. Most of all, some companies do not even answer. I want to receive a daily X response to the advertised position, but I still have to set up some automatic e-mail and that’s it. In my opinion, decency is to be written off, even if it is a negative answer.

How many interviews did you complete?
I’ve been to about five interviews and in the open air. Somewhere it’s mountains, ask meaningless questions like: Where do you see yourself in ten years. I do not understand how such questions can be considered at all, when in such a day there is such a situation when you want to work, look for vude mon just to earn at least a crown.

So where do you see yourself in ten years?
If I had to read what I would like, I would like to work as a proofreader, because I fall to my knees when, in official documents, on the company’s website, on television, in newspapers, in rough books. But these are just dreams. Completely dark and with my feet on the ground – in ten years I will be happy to have a hard time. Now I managed to get at least a few working hours, there are a lot of people and fun. At the moment, there are only two options for me – I will either get a job on a full-time job and stay here, or I will go abroad to work.

Do you think you have foreigners?
I don’t know, but I feel that without practice and without good contacts, as a graduate, we don’t have the time to start working in my field. I look for work abroad only because the situation in all of them is so different. And as soon as I get an offer to work abroad, I’ll leave immediately. If nothing else, it will be an experience, improve your language skills and see a piece of the world. After these futile attempts to find work at home today, I can even imagine that if I got an interesting job in another country, I would stay there. My mother would probably not be fully happy, but I will not sit at home and do nothing?

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