How to take care of the insurance: Look for the value of the property, otherwise you will get a pier

It is not necessary to update the insurance policy. If you have invested in the reconstruction and equipment, it is a good insurance policy for the time being, recommends Marcela Kotyrov from the esk pojioven association.

What is the difference between a household and a real estate insurance company?

In the household insurance you insure the equipment of the apartment, such as furniture, electronics, clothed. In contrast, connected real estate includes houses as such, cottages, cottages and their accessories, such as garages, swimming pools and the like. As part of the real estate insurance, you can insure building materials for repairs and reconstruction.

How do you determine the safety current?

The insurance premium is the maximum value that the insurance company pays to the client. It is therefore very important to set it up in a sufficient way. The main criterion is the actual value of your property that you want to insure. Be aware that in some codes, for example in the case of a fault, you can lose everything. A specific employee of the insurance company, who has various methodologies at his disposal, can also advise on the optimal insurance policy.

If you insure a house worth several million at 700 thousand, you have to deal with the fact that if it goes, the insurance company will pay a maximum of 700 thousand. When your bag takes the roof away and the new one reaches 700 thousand, you get me, because the insurance company applies the principle of undercarriage. At the same time, you need to update the insurance policy over time so that you can take into account the appreciation of the house.

What does the insurance company not pay?

The participation of wolves is often in connection with small events, terrorist flows, vandalism, but also damage to the suburbs. If you rent this apartment, you will grow your household and the tenant must insure it. The insurance company will not pay the code if the insurance policy is reasonably charged.

Each of the insurance companies has in its general terms and conditions from the insurance, ie a specific description of the cases to which the insurance does not apply. The insurance contract may contain a number of different exceptions, which can be easily overlooked, so read the first paragraphs of the Insurance Loans and the Subject of the Insurance carefully before you sign.

Me stt, e nco pojiovna nepecist at all?

Insurance companies require adequate security of property against burglary. How much you have to secure an apartment or dm, badly on the value of the property. The higher the value of the property, the higher the security requirements – from security changes and a small electrical security system. The requirements for individual couplers. Uninsurable property may be found, which is located in the fourth flood risk of ruins, or ruins without windows or otherwise known damaged buildings.

How to proceed in case the code becomes?

First of all, you must report the insurance event as soon as possible. Then document the originated codes and make in order not to give the given. You can announce the insurance event by telephone on the information links. You can obtain the necessary formulas at the branch of the insurance company and on its website. After reporting it, the liquidator will contact you, who will come to the city of codes and inspect the damaged property.

When does the insurance company pay pensions?

The insurance company pays the full insurance within 15 days from the end of the settlement of the event. According to the law, that shouldn’t hurt you to get lost. As a rule, the connection codes fill in two. In the case of a large-scale code, for example in the event of major disasters, the insurance companies come to the client and provide the opportunity to go to the base before the liquidation is completed.

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