How to solve insurance problems that you may encounter on the road

Even if your car is not completely destroyed in an accident, you may encounter inconveniences on the road, due to which you need to call the insurance company. The resulting code may be subject to mandatory liability and accident insurance.

We mapped out the most common sweat and advice on how to insure the insurance event, what to look out for.

1. Oden auto, vink ran

You have a car parked in front of the mall. When you come to him, you will find them. Vinka bohuel does not know.

Povinn ruen: This type of insurance is useless. Vink is not known, it cannot be filled from his insurance. Not even the thought that the code could be paid by the esk office insurer. This would only be the case if the health code was caused.

Accident insurance: If you have this type of insurance, you can obtain an insurance indemnity from the insurance company, sweat the bag with the fact that the insurance, which will be recognized as a code, will pay the insurance company the agreed co-payment and the code will affect the bonus that the insurance company pays.

My problem: In case of small codes, ask if the co-payment and the loss of the bonus for the given period do not come out dr, not if you paid for the repair yourself.

What to look out for before: In the event that it is not an accident, but someone in your car will “go around the crown”, it is important that you do not rule out the risk of vandalism in your insurance contract.

2. Accident abroad

Cause an accident abroad. Make contacts with the owner of the vehicle, but you will agree that the fireplace is not worth it and you will break up. After a while you will receive an invoice for the repair of the car, its price will obviously not be damaged.

Povinn ruen: There is no difference whether the accident happens abroad and in the Czech Republic, a similar procedure applies to all accidents. the code should be paid from your mandatory liability. If you have not filled in the accidental bag with the accident report, it can be assumed that you have neither taken photo documentation nor taken witnesses, in which case the insurance company can easily question the resulting code.

First contact means nothing at first glance. If he wants damage to pay for the code on his car, he has to prove that it really happened and that you are to blame.

In any case, it is better for the culprit and the injured party to fill in the European Accident Report form. I am following their connection and it is good to take him with me. The form has the same form in all European countries, it is also not a problem to fill it in, even if you do not speak the local language.

My problem: When filling out the formula, show the type of pages of the ID card and other document and ask for it from n. This will avoid the unpleasant proof if someone reports a false name.

What to watch out for in advance: If the accident happens abroad, none of the forms are with you and you write in “ist papr”, do not sign anything, do not understand emu. I’d rather call the police if he had any accidents.

3. Broken glass

The car broke the windscreen before you, you made a note of the license plate and reported it in the coupler. What will dt be?

Povinn ruen: With the obligatory ruin of the culprit, it is so that you must first look for it. Even if you manage to note the sign, by default they will not tell the police the address of the car owner according to the license plate. An acceptable feature is that the insurers at the insurer’s office enter the license plate number. The special application (you can find it here) shows how the car is about and where it is connected.

Then contact the binder with the situation, it will turn to the binder, and if he admits the blame, the code will be paid from his mandatory liability. In practice, the vink will only recognize the code, for which it means that it is a bonus.

If you have agreed to connect the windscreen for your obligatory repair, it is possible to pay for the repair from it.

Accident insurance: The code can be paid from your accident insurance, pay attention to whether the safety glass is part of it. He also plays a role in co-participation and eventually loses the bonus.

What to watch out for in advance: Classic binders may be insufficient, for this case you need to arrange a connecting windshield. It can be purchased for compulsory liability and accident insurance.

4. Accident fault without fuse

Nabourdo the owner of the car, who has not agreed obligatory ruen.

Povinn ruen: Contact the Czech insurer’s office. If the fault is known, the code can be redeemed from the guarantee fund, after which they will recover it after the fault.

Accident insurance: If you have an accident insurance and can comply with the code, the liquidation process is usually faster. On the other hand, you get less than from compulsory insurance (usually you are not entitled to a replacement vehicle, etc.) and you can lose bonuses on your own accident insurance.

My problem: Please note that you cannot claim a claim to the code twice, you must choose whether it will be paid from the compulsory liability and accident insurance. But this is true for all types of accidents.

What to watch out for in advance: In any case, the European Accident Notice form. Even in the moment when the owner immediately says that he is not obliged to be responsible. Do not agree to pay for the repair, when you will not report the accident insurance. Vink wants to avoid fines, but without good documentation you don’t have to get full codes from it.

5. Stolen new car

By stealing a car 14 days from the date, you should have accidentally insured it against the cross and stinging hard, evs suspicion of insurance fraud and may not repay anything.

Povinn ruen: Due to the mandatory liability, this code would definitely not be paid.

Accident insurance: If the insurance company suspects an unfair one, it thoroughly investigates all the circumstances. If insurance fraud is proven, then the case is considered a criminal offense, punishable by ten years in prison. The blame is not proven by you, but by the insurance company.

My problem: The insurance company has identified a situation where it is an insurance fraud. It is your condition when a fresh car is stolen. In this case, the connection field will replace the sweeping letter. Request a case revision.

What to look out for: Don’t be afraid to run into the court.

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