How to react catch unjustified criticism of fa

Unrelenting criticism can make the people decide at work. Only a few have the natural talent of elites to criticize without emotion and with foresight. And some of them are perfectly out of sight.

If you are one of those who unjustifiably criticizes the decision, try to work on yourself. “Do not react aggressively or passively. Aggressively unleash a fruitless HD that will hurt me. Passivity again shows that the critic is right. Two open technicians pay for manipulation, ”works Dagmar Lahnerov, a teacher for adult education.

As he explains, the technique of opening two is a symbolic representation of a situation where a critic runs to force the door to be replaced. When the bag hits them, fly through them, because they are open against his eyes.

In other words, agree on what could be rightful and probable in criticizing fa. At the same time, tell him first of all. But disagree with the others. So take this easy step:

1.step – piznn truths

Respond to what is true in the critique of fa:
I accept “Yes, that’s right” I reflect “I made a mistake.”

2.step – piznn sten pravdy

To what is true in the critique of fa sten, respond with the rule “Find a grain of truth + accept it.”

To let go, emf sten truth, it is possible to say “Nddy, obas, as from time to time”

3.step – rejected falsehoods

Respond to what is not true, but not aggressively.
Disagree with the false statement and express it with diplomatic sentences such as

So don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out what’s so bad about your breeding. The main goal is to keep calm. Even if the critic will be selfish, you only have to focus on what the grain of truth is and agree with it. That should grind critics two or later.

How to tame emotions and elites urliv criticism

At the same time, it is useful to learn to use procedures in working relationships that will help you control your own emotions and make unwarranted criticism with a cool head and constructively. Gradually, you can get the reputation of a worker who can cope in all situations, even if she gets up in the work team.

Tips for doing this:

  • Ignore the remarks that should be “bait”
    Recognize them and refuse to participate in such games. At first glance, let’s know that you are aware of the games. Use the following types of use:
    “I really don’t have time to get involved in such a discussion.”
  • Recognize poniovn as a test of the ego
    Some people test themselves with such remarks. When you accept the role of victims, you lose value in their eyes and it will vstt. But when you tell them that you can wash yourself, you take them off the sails. Learn to use the following type: “Sometimes I breed VN unbelievable, but dark, I’m not allowed to do that.”
  • Odmtnte “tactics urek”
    If a particular criticism is just a tool to change your view or attitude, reject it: “Kik and anger do not apply to me. I want you to be angry, but this technique doesn’t work. ”
  • Vytvote si vnitn humor
    Share anecdote and ert create good relationships. Try to find something you have together and you can both laugh. There are a lot of ideas and years that come, for example, from film and literature. It is possible to learn to communicate with humor. You may want to use statements such as: “This way (lta) seems a bit unrealistic to me” When you replace the word “lto” with a term that describes a given situation, let the critic know that you can communicate with you in other ways than by design.
  • When it comes to breath, try to think it over
    If you do not know how to react at the moment, because the bit got to your knees, take a few seconds to get a balance. The following types can help me: “Modify, you really don’t know what to answer”
    To regain your lost balance, take a short break to align the papers on your desk, save and close the file in your office, or apologize for a moment in the corridor for a minute or so.
  • Urlivou poznmku and zapite
    In the event that only criticisms are used for criticism, you may want to criticize him unjustifiably by asking him to repeat the memorabilia so that you can write them down correctly. Get dark in the dark and, in most cases, the aggressor will realize the unsuitability of his year. There is also a risk that with this reaction you just put fire on fire and ignite with tremendous force. If vm f sdl: “Do you want to repeat it? So drink! ”, It will be an impulse for you to start looking for a better place and not let yourself be drowned.

Prepared by Dagmar Lahnerov, author of Assertiveness for Managers, published by Grada.

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