How to pretend to lose a document and what to do when he comes

Ticket revisions! Look in Marn for that wallet where the order should be. Trapas: in addition to subscribing to the ticket and cash, you had a bank card, ID card and payment card. Take care that you spend some time in the rows when you process new documents, and so on the extra costs

The new citizen will cost 100 crowns, the employee card 100 and 200 crowns, the passport 600 crowns, the driver and technician 150 crowns. Some documents are issued free of charge, such as a health insurance card. But a new season ticket to the fitness center, other discount cards that you had in your penny, such as Baa drogerie Droxi or Eurobeds club eskch turist, the card to the pub all are given expenses.

And so the loss of growth. When you add at least two days of leave, which you will need to run in a row, to pay for blocking a payment card and to issue a new one, such inattention will cost at least three thousand crowns.

Robbed vs? Be on the police
Bohuel for the holidays, in addition to vs t thieves. Pavel Hantk from the press department of the police presidium is right after the pre-war period, when there is a sweat of pocket pockets. According to police statistics, almost 20,000 people were robbed in the Czech Republic in the last year, killing 130 million crowns. So, on average, things worth 6,500 crowns have disappeared from cadmium robbery, and this is just a hell of a heart.

In the hypermarket, a young man stole all my documents, a pension, a mobile phone and a car and an apartment, Mr. Hana from Prague said. She spent the afternoon with the police. She wrote a report with the editor, which then facilitated the demonstration of integrity in the settlement of new documents. She remembered her active payment card the next morning, until then it was in the red. She found out that, thanks to her credit card, the thief pkn uil.

zaplatte on data with pjm

Block fast
Therefore, if you find out that the card is missing, call the bank immediately and block it (you will find it on your card). If you drank such an ID card, block it in the city council, report the theft to the police. You have the opportunity to do it for 15 days, but at that time, someone can happily borrow not only movies, bicycles, but also pensions at your event. It goes without saying that the thief does not drill anything and there is an obsession about the need to pay the debt. And in the explanation, the executor rings me.

Do the same for lost passports and idics. Even these documents are easily misused, report the loss faster, the less children or thieves can be lost. Then start processing other documents, such as public transport orders, train subscriptions, library and rental orders, various clubs and discount cards.

Even though it is written on each card that only the owner can use it, it is not protected by anyone and most institutions do not require another document. In the case of a command with the same name, for example, the librarian on the monitor discovers, in addition to the name and the data you entered in the registration, also on the pensioner’s order, so that you can use the book kolk. But you better not rely on it, not where it controls.

The easiest way was to get a new health insurance card. Elsewhere, it was nron on time and pension, lamented Pavel from Brno. For two weeks I did not wait for the renewal of all documents, even if they were originally frayed. In addition, a number of blockages are irreversible and had to be dealt with again. I don’t drink this experience, no one adds a friend.

Where to report a loss
1st civil order in the municipal office according to the city of permanent residence, when cross-country in the city police department

2. payment cards by phone at pslun bank

3. passport in the municipal office according to the city of residence

4. ID card in the municipality according to the city of residence

5. technical certificate of the vehicle at the traffic inspectorate

The 6th European card of the insured person at the health insurance company where you are insured is called by telephone

7. public transport order, subscription ticket for all transport at the transport company

8. other cards and orders (library, rental, ISIC card, season tickets for sports facilities, discount cards) at pslunch organizations where you have registered

10 tips How to pretend to lose a document and what to give when he comes

If you have been drinking for documents, get ready for the first pleasant martyrdom in one of the series. So sweat with the darkness that it will be something stt. How to prevent these inconveniences and reduce the negative consequences of the loss?

We have discovered a scale of practice

1. Do not carry everything together
Documents and pensions do not fall into one wallet. You should also carry all personal orders separately. Carry only the documents you absolutely need. So if you are going to a place where you can expect pressure (for a third time), or a place where your documents remain unattended, you need to leave them at home unnecessarily.

2. Zapite and old telephone sla
Do not rely on the memory of your mobile phone, you can of course drink about it. At home, in an easily accessible city, have a telephone number written by other institutions, such as the police, the city council, the bank and the health insurance company. Carry a bank card locker with you. You can find phones mostly directly on documents.

3. Do not enter your PIN on the card
Are you afraid that you will forget your PIN and you will not be able to withdraw your pension from an ATM? Then drink it somewhere, but definitely not directly on the card, a ray with the same person in the wallet thief discovery like that. You can also type it into your mobile phone under the password, but it will only be safe in your head.

4. Insure your credit card
In order not to drink for the evening pension until you block the card, have it insured against misuse at your bank. The insurance usually also applies to transactions that are made two days before the loss is reported. You can also insure the costs that you will incur with the purchase of new documents.

5. Ask when registering
When do you log in to the library and sports equipment rental, pop. Apply for a student or other club discount card, find out where to report a lost loss and how much will be blocked and a new document will be issued. Make a note of this and save it in a safe place out of order.

6. Pay attention to the saints
In shops and press shops, do not leave such an open with a peeping wallet. Even the back pockets of the trousers are not safe for the storage document. Do not leave documents in the store that you store during the day or in the shopping cart in the store. Be careful even when storing a purchase in the car, so that you do not forget the wallet on the car.

7. Keep the card on and off when paying
If you pay with a card at a restaurant, do not allow anyone to take it out of your sight, and always check to see if it has been tampered with. In the same way, in the store at the cash register, your card should not disappear from. Set a reasonable limit on your payment card for withdrawals from ATMs and for payments in stores, thus preventing the thief from collecting the entire number.

8. Scan thoroughly
When you find out about the loss, you better go to search all the things, think about it and ask if you have forgotten the documents somewhere. Then report the loss. If you block this ID card and most credit cards once, there is no going back, and even if you discover the lost document, it will be invalid and you will have to issue a new one.

9. Report the crews to the police
If you are convinced that someone has stolen your documents, report it to the nearest police station. Insist on writing a report, even if you are convinced that a pocket thief will still not get caught. You will use the confirmation from the police when collecting new documents, especially when proving identity, especially if you have used more documents. You do not use the bag as a replacement document, for example on a sweat or in a bank. So pay only for a limited time, during n you have to issue new documents.

10. What about the found order?
When you find your identity documents, contact the city that issued the order. You can handcuff court boxes to the police departments of the republics and cities. Hand over the payment card to the bank bank. Other cards to the organization that issued them. Contact telephone numbers are available directly on the card.

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