How to predict bond yields

The estimate of the bond yield (even the bond difference is only in that the term “bond” is correct from the point of view of the Czech first) is complex. It pays even in the short term. While in the case of the money market instrument they play the role of only years of yields, in the case of bonds there is a significant component of capital appreciation or impairment.

mm of bonds for a long time to maturity, ie in t is the influence of various risk factors (especially around years and political events) on bond prices. A frequent source of confusion for bonds is the difference between total yields and yields to maturity. English distinguishes between term returns and yields, for which the third has a single term: returns. In addition, laymen are often confused by the fact that the return to maturity usually differs from the value of the redeemed coupon. Let’s explain these differences on the ground.

  • The growth of the needs of telecommunications companies is conditioned by technical development: an extensive telephone network, a growing number of users of fax, Internet and similar services. Experience shows that the number of telephone calls increases with the square of the number of users. Despite the decline in call prices due to competition, therefore, we can expect further growth. Between 1973 and 1993, the prices of transatlantic calls fell to about one-eighth. The number of talk dog Atlantic bags has risen by at least twenty quarters. In 1993, the volume of data transfers was relatively modest.
  • This scene is very real: it is a trend that has been going on for many years, and at the time of writing this text there were no known signs of a break.

The analysis therefore sounds very optimistic. Will it happen? he will be able to compare how the results will turn out over five years.

Pozmka from 2007: Debakl telanch spolenost

During less than the first decade of the 21st century, the performance of the action of the vast majority of telecommunications companies was bad and catastrophic. This was due to several factors, of which the extreme role of competition played a significant role. Dalm was initiated by the enormous costs that many companies had to spend on frequency transmitter licenses.

Denk The Wall Street Journal examined in late 1999 which ten stocks yielded the highest returns during the 1990s. All ten most important events were not for companies that still worked in the IT sector. On the contrary, the first decade of the 21st century marked a fundamental reversal of the trend to their detriment. On the contrary, the shares of mining companies and companies from the industrial industry have long been neglected until then. Coal mines, steel mills, chemists and other industries ”19. century on the dragon.

What will be the hit of stock exchanges in ten years?

Nobody knows They are very large, it is oil and other raw materials, their resources in the country do not increase, while the volume of pensions in the global economy is growing. It is possible that a completely new branch will appear, or that some omitted branch will give you a comeback.

No, it is not possible to accurately identify the future growth of the industry – nor does the growth of the industry guarantee the growth of all the actions of the company operating in this industry. The questions we mentioned at the end of this subchapter can save us from the risk that is not accompanied by a strong growth potential. Don’t have to risk a pin profit.

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